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fat fat fat or anorexic anorexic anorexic???

i am a borderline anorexic ( somedays i eat like, nothing, somedays i eat everything) and i am 5'7 and 128lbs. why does everybody think anorexic people are skinny? i mean jeez.. you see a teeny tiny girl scarf down a pizza and still say shes anorexic, and you see me eating nothing and call me fat!

am i too big? should i lose weight? if so, how healthily?

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    no you aren't fat... you can even check your BMI (body mass index) try it you can seriously do it online

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    youre not fat at all. and anorexic people are actually able to gain weight pretty easily because when they starve themselves, their body goes into starvation mode and anything thats put into the body after that gets directly stored as fat. some girls that are tiny can eat what ever they want because they have high metabolisms.

    now, anorexia is a mental disorder just as much as it is an eating disorder. it sounds like you have pretty good control over it. so my advice is to stop it before it becomes a serious habit and you become obsessive over it. its more dangerous than it seems. if you continue to eat less you may think you have control over it but one day you could get dizzy and pass out for a second, get freaked out and try to eat and discover that your body rejects any food you put in it and you start throwing up uncontrollably.. yeah, its dangerous and it will take control over you sooner than you think. so stop while you still can and be healthy by working out an hour a day, 6 hours a week. and eating healthy foods like fruits, veggitables, whole wheats, and lean proteins (in the right portions) and it will work..

    when you think about it, being healthy really is easier than not eating.

    if youre having trouble changing your ways, try incorperating one new thing each week.. such as working out for a half an hour, eating more fruits and veggitables, or eating less unhealthy food.

    good luck.

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    If your borderline anorexic then why would you want to lose weight? Your body mass index (BMI) is 20 which is normal.

    BMI Categories:

    Underweight = <18.5

    Normal weight = 18.5-24.9

    Overweight = 25-29.9

    Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

    So your weight is perfect for your height. You can check it out for yourself. Just do a yahoo search for BMI calculator. I don't know why people would be calling you fat unless your body is soft. Maybe you need to just tighten up by doing some toning/strengthening exercises. Having an untoned body is completely different than being fat.

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    First of, you're not fat.

    Whoever is calling you fat is blind and or stupid. Not fat.

    Being five seven (I'm five eight, so I understand) you will never be that tiny, little girl, a petite person. Sorry, I feel your pain.

    I think the best thing for you is to eat a healthy, balanced diet and accept that fact that you look fine at the wieght your at now (and you can add more pounds, you'll still look fine) or else no matter how much wiegth you loose, you'll never be happy.

    Love yourself first, changes can come later.

    best of luck,


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    I don't think you're anorexic because you're not ever so thin and still think you're fat I think you just have an unhealthy relationship with food.

    Aim to eat 3 healthy meals a day and treat yourself when you fancy it. Seriously, it's not worth getting into a tizz as you're not even fat

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    hunny, ure so skinny..hell no ure not big..ure a freaking twig! u should maintain ure weight or gain some...just eat normally! dont binge, but enjoy life and always eat something! u need at least 1200 cals a day..:)

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    Will you please stop this stupid game?!? It's not mentally healthy. Look in the mirror. You know if you should lose weight or not, and you know what it takes to make it happen!

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    well, you obviously dont' think you're that fat if your username is "hotswimmerfreak".....

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