What will America be like in 50 years? 100 years?

Paradise or wasteland? Not much different? Different?

I personally think that we might be headed for a downfall. The middle class will dissappear and the population will consist of wealthy Americans, of mostly white but second mostly black, Asian and a few latin descended ppl. Much like today. BC as we all know, eace doesn't seperate the rich from the poor-the rich use race as a portal to keep people in turmoil.

AND, the population of the country will work in labor camps, factories and plantations-to compete with outsourcing wages-of all races. And there will be a military police, a dictatorship w/ 3 branches of dictatorship government.

Don't ask me why I think that-but what do you think?

FYI: I live in America, obviously I'm not over patriotic-but


And our government has never seemed to recognize that. If a rebellion came to take the white house:

A wise leader would surrender so noone would be hurt-and as long as there are ppl there is a country

Our current leader would have the police force quell the rebellion with force

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