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what are some well known classical pieces in the following forms?





Theme and Variations

please and thank you.

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    AABA: Lully, "Au clair de la lune"

    Binary: the dances from Anna Magdalena's Notebook

    Ternary: Meditation from Thais

    Rondo last movement of Mozart C major sonata, KV 545

    Theme and Variations: the Surprise variations

    the Eroica variations

    the Enigma variations

    first movement of Mozart A major sonata, KV 331

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    AABA-second movement of many Kulau piano sonatinas, like the C major sonatina where the second movement is in F major

    Binary-very rare indeed for a major classical work...more for verse chorus folk songs

    Ternary-same as AAbA

    Rondo-romanza from Eine Kleine Nachmusik by Mozart, second movement'

    Theme and Variations-First movement, A major paino Sonata by Mozart, last movement or the third symphony of Beethoven, second movement of the Surprise Symphony of Haydn

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