Finding the perfect bathing suit for someone who is larger chested?

I weigh approx 105 pounds, and am quite skinny, yet have larger boobs. It's really annoying because I have to get tops that are tight around the bust, but loose everywhere else. Finding a bathing suit is terrible! Bikini tops without padding don't have enough hold, ones that have padding shape my boobs weirdly and always make them look spread out and far apart, ones with underwire are always granny looking and the ones that aren't are too expensive from Victoria's Secret. Summer's coming up and I NEED a half decent bathing suit for once! I don't want to have to pay too much money for one though. What style would work best for me? I was thinking a bathing suit like this:

would work well. Only, it would be a two piece. The thing is, is that I've never seen that type of 50's style bikini anywhere!

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    i have E cups, so i feel your frustration....however i have tio be honest your not going to find an inexpensive bathing suit that will fit right when your this big. your going to need to find a specialty place that has athing suits specifically designed to fit larger breasts. anything that goes around your neck is not your friends (unless youve got implants) they will cause to much strain on your neck from the weght of your chest.

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    The one you have a link too is cute! It'll probably have a lot of support and it isn't out of style - the website is called In Style Swimwear!

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    I say go to your local TJ Maxx or Marshalls (if there is any) and buy your self the normal padded string bikini. Secretly switch the top with a bigger one and keep the small bottom so it fits you. They wont notice.

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    victorias secret has suits like that. i know they are a little bit expensive but its worth it to have a really well fitting suit.

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  • 1 decade ago

    we all know you have biggggg boobs.

    but no need to brag about it. LOL.

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