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myspace? music?

how do you add music player to your myspace and research the arist or some thing

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    My Space has a user friendly help section.

    Adding a song is easy.

    Visit Myspace Music.

    Find a song you want to add.

    If the artist has given permission to share the music, you'll see an "Add" link next to the song.

    Click "Add" and the song will play on your profile! (Only one song can be added to your profile at one time.)

    If you want to change songs, simply find another song and click "Add."

    To remove the song, go to Home >> Edit Profile >> Profile Songs and click "Delete".

    Also you can go here and put in many songs as well as has a music player. Have fun~

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    4 years ago

    I'm beautiful disenchanted approximately the brand new song participant as good. I emailed buyer offerings or something complaining approximately it haha. I attempted so as to add a tune to my profile, went on there at present, and there have been like three I've in no way obvious in my lifestyles. Too complex for my liking. I agree, Tom must've left it, he is screwing up myspace large time.

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    go on the music artist's myspace page,

    on their music player there should be a link that says "add"

    click on it and whoopdeedee it's your song.

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