so i wanna write a story on pirates... but i need to learn every nook and cranny about the pirate life and the government and all related to pirate stuff of the 18th century like pirate bases, ships, customs, religions, beliefs, but also with a twist of supernatural stuff kinda like Pirates of the Carribean stuff with the British East India Trading company and pirate lords.

does anyone know a specific book or website or what i can learn this stuff on?

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    Well first, not all pirates were outlaws. Many were on contract with a government they were loyal to and had permission to pirate ships of other countries.

    Pirates typically didn't sail around in large clippers. Like today's pirates, they used smaller, faster ships, like a sloop. Many crews of merchant ships would not fight back in a pirate attack because they pirates would usually let them away with their lives if they cooperated, whereas if they didn't, they'd often be tortured.

    The most powerful figure on a pirate ship was NOT the captain. Most of the power was with the quartermaster.

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    The first thing you should do is buy a lexicon of the sea and ships. I have a copy of "A Sea of Words." The box is 402 pages of terms and names used on the sea and its ships from the 17th century to the present. There's also maps and diagrams of ships with terms like the "topgallant." A small platform at the highest place on the ship where a midshipman lookout might see a topgallant sail of a ship still over the horizon.

    The reason I'm answering with a suggested Lexicon is you will have to know the vernacular in order to attain verisimilitude in your fiction writing.

    Many of the "pirates" of the Caribbean were actually Privateers of the Caribbean, with letters of marque.

    ISBN 0-8050-3812-4

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    to be precise pirates are the rebellion sort of ppl, who hijack ship (generally) or any containers carrying ppl or whole lot of treasures, for numerous reasons some being for self fulfillment, to give a threat and similar activities

    to know best about pirates, can look into google as treasure hunters/pirates/piracy and similar literatures

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    Try google. U are sure to find what u want to know.

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    sounds like your on the track

    look up the name "raleigh"

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    wikipedia has some great ****

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    wikipedia that sh*t!

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