How does "The diary of a young girl" by Anne Frank depict the history represented in it?

How does "The diary of a young girl" by Anne Frank depict the history represented in it? What elements of World War II and the holocaust does it show?

Please also provide me with a brief evaluation of of the story from reading "The diary of a young girl" by Anne Frank.

Wikipedia Article on "The diary of a young girl":

Please answer only if you have read the book. I will reward for best answer.

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    Is this a joke? Do your own homework.

    And yes, I have read the book so I am allowed to answer, per your rules.

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    Anne Frank's diary describes how a young girl copes with a stressful situation of being a Jewish person in occupied Holland. She is aware of the war but the book centers on her feelings and the relationship between her and the others in the attic. She died in a camp shortly before the end of the war in a camp but the book ends when she is found by the Germans. The conditions of the camps were mostly unknown until their liberation.

    Source(s): Read the book twice and visited the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam
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    Anne Frank Wiki

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    It's historical fiction. So every last word in that book is absolute truth. It shows you what life was like during the war. More specifically what life was like for a teenager.

    It shows the hate targeted at the Jews and the terrible conditions they had to live in. Going into hiding just to have a chance at living. It gives you a look at how hard it was to hide. Because you weren't only hiding, you were watching, listening, waiting. Waiting for the worst but hoping for the best.

    I mean Anne Frank was killed in a concentration camp. I'd say that's a pretty huge part of WWII and the holocaust.

    It's a pretty short book (in my opinion) you should seriously read it. Then you'd know this for yourself ;)

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    Wow. This is embarrassing for you I guess. The Diary of Anna Frank is not only a primary source but a FIRST HAND ACCOUNT of the invasion and occupation of the Nazi's during the Second World War.

    How about you actually read the book instead of asking internet people to do your homework for you.

    Source(s): book of common sense
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    well anne frank is a real girl who was alive during the holocaust.

    She hid from the nazis for a long time but was finally caught and taken to a concentration camp, where she remained for an extremely long period.

    She was separated from family, and died only a week or so before the holocaust ended.

    It represents everything the Jewish went through because of what Hitler created during World War II.

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    she put a human face on the Holocaust with her book that she wrote. There are several versions of her book, but read the Definitive Edition of it.

    here's a link:

    Source(s): me; i've read it
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    read the book

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    It talks about the air raids going on during her stay in the warehouse.

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    It tells about how her and her family were forced to give up their belongings and go into hiding from the Nazis.

    Source(s): the book
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