I am a divorced father of two boys ages 10 years and 5 years. I live in New Jersey, they live in Brooklyn, NY.

My 10 year old is fine, my 5 year old is very very slow, talks and acts like he is 2 or 3. My ex is in denial that anything is wrong with him. That is only part of the problem. My ex leaves the kids with her mother, brother and sister 99% of the time. My ex sister in law takes him to school and even does there laundry. My 10 year old has even told me that "mommy doesn't care about us". Now what can I do to get custody of the kids. I do not have thousands of dollars for an attorney. What can I do.

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    fight for custody.Take her to court.Kids are worth EVERYTHING even if it takes thousands of dallors for an attourney.Your kids are probably the most important thing in your life hun.Think,what would you do if they were mistreated or hurt, mentally or physicly?Fight her for them if you have to.

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    Hoboken 1, seems to me that your ex is taking it very hard, even though you're no longer together, guess what, You all are still a family till the end. Something huh! This is why God Hates a divorcing. It's true! However, it's done, It could also be that the five year old is taking it harder, He loves both mommy and daddy, let's say you all are affected by this. I say, Go take your family out to dinner even if it' Mcdonalds or whatever. talk to the boys on a regular and please be friends if not best friend with their mother, keep the communication line open forever because you both have beautiful sons who adore the both of you. REMEBER you're still a family, just live here and there but when it's time to come together, BRING IT ON! Try to hold the fam. together, you created it with the help of your former wife the MOTHER of you children, continue to love her for that! My sincere wishes goes out to you, IT WILL BE FINE,Msdeedee said it best. Oh yeah Best wishes on the custody BATTLE share it. The boys need both parents.

    Source(s): What does God have to do with it? He is the one who started the institution of the marriage bond between the first pair, Adam and Eve. He can tell you how to hold it down. Just Trust Him.
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    Pray I Dont know if u believe in that type of thing but if you do pray and pray hard thats not right and its not right at all most people believe that children are better off with their mother but in some cases its not true try to get some type of money even if it takes you get two jobs and you get some evidence witnesses those types of things and get those kids and raise them right because you say your tired if you're really tired you'll find a way to get those kids if you really tired whether its working two jobs to raise money to get a lawyer or anything but god bless you and im praying for you and i hope it all turns out right

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    i would move to live by them. The job part might be bad but if your close to them you can help out more and maybe get your ex. to straighten up. but if you do do this don't make it seem like your getting to close to your ex. because she might get mad and do stuff like getting a restraining oder against you.

    hope that helps

  • you should talk to ur lawyer and maybe you can live with ur kids, tell ur lawyer ask kids who they want to live with u or their mom? because u said kids said "mommy doesn't care about us" so tell your lawyer... if kids kept said i want live with my daddy...they will move with u until u have a reason or tell kids to tell court or lawyer that they don't want live with mommy... and want to live with u, u have to talk to ur sons that do u want live with me or mommy? if you want to live with me,explain to lawyer,or court..so they can live with u....

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    fight for custady tell them that your 10 yrs olld said that

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