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Pre-soccer game tips?

I have a soccer game in a few hours and I was wondering since I am not a strong runner, should I conserve my energy, or go to the field and stretch and practice light kicks or what. Any help is appreciated.

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    remember to keep yourself hydrated and keep your glycogen(energy) stores up by loading up on carbs a few days before your game. also i've found that getting enough sleep the night prior helps :)

    as for game day itself,wake up early and eat a light breakfast. get on the field,do some light jogging,then stretching,working your way up in terms of intensity. do a little dribbling and kicking as well. however,don't get too excited,as you may deplete your energy stores. keep yourself hydrated by drinking lots of water and/or sports drinks (try diluting gatorade. i've found that drinking it full strength makes your blood sugar spike dramatically). lastly,hype yourself up. listen to some music (i call it "fight music" haha :) lol)

    anyway,hope this helps :)

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    Drinking a Gatorade or other sports drink about 30-45 minutes before the game is a good idea. Also, start stretching about the same time so your muscles are warm before you start to warm up. When actually warming up, start light, with easy passes and some dribbling, then get heavier with bigger kicks and some light jogging, like keep-away or something. Do this about 45 minutes before the game. Then, do a quick cool down before the game starts, like some more simple passing.

    It also helps to stop about 5 minutes before the game and think about what you going to do and how good your going to play, like self motivation.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your game!

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    you should go practice for a while but dont run as fast as u can save you energy for the game

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    jog for a couple of minutes like 30 minutes before game.

    high jumps, stretch. dribble, passing, do regular exercises, nothing new.

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