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what's the most common german slang?

okay well I'm learning german and I've noticed that in movies they say stuff really different... obviously, but I saw this scene where...

this kid said open the door, but I hear "öffnen Sie die Tür"

I heard something like "macht es frei" or "letzt es frei" is that correct or am I crazy!!!!

and what other type of slang is used in german?

danke schön


correction I didn't hear "öffnen Sie die Tür"

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  • 1 decade ago
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    "Macht es frei" is still proper High Geman, it's more like saying something in a different way.

    Slang and dialects are part of the German language, but they are far from the proper High Geman. Example: if I said "Oeffnen Sie die Tuer" in my dialect, I would say "Mache Se de Daer uff". SOOOOOO, dialects are different in every region and as much as a 30 minute drive could get you into another dialect area where you only understand about 50% of the spoken words. Each dialect of course has it's own slang for certain groups, sooooooo the possibilities are endless......

    Source(s): German is my first language
  • 1 decade ago

    Yeah,the kid might have said :macht es frei,because they have a strong are some crazy examples:

    Tussitoaster - Solarium

    Affensperma - Bananensaft

    Checker - kluge Person

    Ritzenflitzer, Arschkordel - Stringtanga

    Schimmelparty - langweilige Feier

    Popelstopper - Schnurrbart

    Pornobalken - Oberlippenbart

    Teppichporsche - kleiner Hund

    Waldbrenner - Kiffer

    Schlampenstempel (schon krass), Arschgeweih - Steißtattoo

    Schmetterbox - Toilette

    Zappelbunker - Diskothek

    Lungentorpedo - Zigarette

    Höhlenmofa - Deoroller (*g*)

    Taschendrache - Feuerzeug

    Saftschubse - Stewardess

    Analsturm - Blähungen

    Baumkuschler - Öko, umweltbewusster Mensch

    rallen - verstehen

    übelst - sehr

    spachteln - essen

    daddeln - Computer spielen

    Here you have a link that might be useful:

    These are mostly things young people use,but they are funny!

    Have fun!

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    in case you learn yet yet another language, it makes you think of of of strategies your guy or lady language is equipped and additionally you start to subconsciously learn and assessment the two languages. as an occasion, jointly as i grew to alter into attending to entice close the spanish conjugations, i began out out to think of of with connection with the english conjugations; something i had on no account theory approximately: yo hablo-I talk ella habla-she talks

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