What was the Star of Bethlehem?

As research, I wish to know the theories about the star that supposedly led the wise men to Christ. I myself am a little dubious that the celestial body was actually there, but I am hardly an expert. Any info about the star's historical significance, as well as theories of what it might have been, would be appreciated.

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    The show started on the morning of June 12 in 3 B.C., when Venus could be sighted very close to Saturn in the eastern sky. Then there was a spectacular pairing of Venus and Jupiter on Aug. 12 in the constellation Leo, which ancient astrologers associated with the destiny of the Jews.

    Between September of 3 B.C. and June of 2 B.C., Jupiter passed by the star Regulus in Leo, reversed itself and passed it again, then turned back and passed the star a third time. This was another remarkable event, since astrologers considered Jupiter the kingly planet and regarded Regulus as the “king star.”

    The crowning touch came on June 17, when Jupiter seemed to approach so close to Venus that, without binoculars, they would have looked like a single star.

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    certainty. Scientifically speaking, there have been extra advantageous than one famous individual that got here jointly over the Manger in Bethlehem. Do a information superhighway seek. i understand I even have suggestions someplace. As questions have been asked on yahoo approximately this final Christmas. So there is a few scientific data.

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    The star was a miraculous sign given by God to mark the birth of the Christ (meaning Messiah).

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    The Biblical Greek never mentions any "wise men". They are called Magi (Persian astologers), so the "star" could simply be in their astrological charts.

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    It is thought to have been a nova or supernova. There are several other possibilities, but that is the most likely explanation.

    Wikipedia, a good starting point, has interesting material about the phenomenon. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_of_Bethlehem

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    The Star of Bethlehem was the 'Virgin' Star....

    Which was 'Sophis' or also known in Ancient Egyptian History as the Star of the 'Virgin' Goddess Isis!!


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    Both the description and the available early artwork suggest a comet.

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    Has anyone read the now out-of-print story "The Star", which toils with that question? I'll email it to anyone:


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    It was a plot device.

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