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chemistry, name the diatomic molecules?

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    H2, N2, Cl2 F2 O2 Br2 and I2

    molecules that are in pairs.

    hope this helped

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    All gases different than the noble or inert gases type diatomic molecules. They type a bond with themselves for stability. e.g. N2, O2, Cl2 and so on. besides the fact that if whilst an component exists as a good this is in a topic the place each atom is surrounded by employing different atoms of an identical form. so this for simplicity is labeled as a million, the reaction of a single atom is consultant of the rest. basically as in a gas the reaction of a million molecule is consultant of the rest. Nomenclature shows that a prefix shows the style of atoms or molecules and a positioned up suffice pertains to the particular style of atoms of that component present. So 2Mg skill 2 atoms of magnesium Mg++ skill a million ion of divalent magnesium. 2O isn't comparable to O2. it may propose 2 atoms of oxygen which does no longer exist under common circumstances, it exists as O2, 2 atoms chemically joined to a minimum of one yet another. O-- skill a million divalent oxygen ion, which does exist. desire that wasn't too complicated

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    I only know a few diatomic molecules (molecules made up of two atoms of the same element):

    Hydrogen - H2

    Nitrogen - N2

    Oxygen - O2

    Fluorine - F2

    Chlorine - Cl2

    Bromine - Br2

    Iodine - I2

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