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How do investigators get dental records of jane or john doe?

I mean, is there a data base of all dentists in the world? Do investigators need to get a mold of the mouth and teeth to match anything?

Then what? It's not like anyone can ask "Who is your dentist?" or "Do you even have a dentist?"

What happens if the Jane or John Doe does not have a dentist or has not been to a dentist in 7 or 8 years or longer? How do investigators find out if the dead has no dentist? Once they find out that he/she had no dentist, then what?

As you can see, I'd like to understand the entire process. I like details, so the more, the better.

Thank you.


Brianna, you must be 10 or something. Dental records are HOW they identify those dead. Why did you answer? It's obvious, you did not know the answer.

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    I gather that they get an idea of the person (ie male/female) if they're able, then chart the teeth, which can roughly tell them the age of the victim since they can see which teeth are through, and the amount of wear on the teeth and so on. (The size of the skull, and features on it, can also indicate sex - eg males have a larger brow-ridge and mastoid processes [the bony lump behind the ear]).

    If the body is relatively intact, they can just look at the teeth directly (although they might have to take off the lower jaw as it can be extremely difficult to access the inside of the mouth, especially if fire or rigor mortis or something has fused/locked the jaw shut). If it's badly decomposed they might take an x-ray and analyse the teeth from that. There are also problems with teeth being damaged or knocked out in the incident that killed the person in the first place - but from the xray you can see if the socket has healed or not, which would tell you if a tooth went missing pre or post mortem. The teeth are charted as accurately as possible anyway.

    I <think> they then send out these details to dentists in the area to see if it matches any of their patients. It's not exactly simple though, since different dentists may have different ways of charting - and because some dentists don't record which fillings are already present, they just record the ones they've done themselves.

    It's not exactly a simple process, and there's no national or international dental database. It might be easier in the case of the armed forces - frequently watching CSI has told me that they have medical and dental records for all personell. If you want to know the whole process, your best bet would be getting a book on dental forensics from the internet or your library.

    Source(s): I had a class where we charted teeth of dead sailors from x-rays - I've forgotten a lot of details though sorry!
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    If someone is missing, they put that persons dental records in as part of the identifying records. Then, if they find a body, they look at all the similar demographics and see if there is a match.

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    whilst csi use the term John/Jane doe, it advise a guy or woman that they don't be attentive to the identity of. Forensics my say it incredibly is a girl, between 25 to 30, and if their are any scientific descriptions or paintings on the physique, yet different then that they don't be attentive to who it incredibly is.

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    Try this link for some good information on the subject of dental records and crime

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    they can't. They have to identify Jane or John Doe. You might be watching too much tv

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