Are there any synonyms for global warming?

I'm writing a paper for English and "global warming" has become sort of repetitive in it, so I need synonyms for it. All submitters are appreciated.

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    1 decade ago
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    Climate Change is the new buzz word! Since the Earth did not actually get as warm as predictions said they had to change the definition of this new "danger!"

    Global Warming/Climate Change has been taking place on Earth for a billion years! Tens of thousands of Global Warmings/Climate Changes have taken place in our past - this is (ho-hum) just one more in a normal climate cycle! (Without any human beings being on Earth, Climate Change would still take place! Global Warming/Climate Change is even going on right now on Mars - no humans there - how can this be???)

    Blaming human beings for this NORMAL climate change is what is new! With the fall of Communism, Global Warming is the new danger to fear since the Cold War is kaput!

    Another synonym for Global Warming is FEAR MONGERING! The Military - Industrial Complex made billions of dollars off the Cold War fears and now there are "green" companies who will make BILLIONS of dollars off this new GW-CC fear! Look at Al Gore, he made 100 million dollars!

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    5 years ago

    Here's the situation: The FatCat network who control most of the media in the US also own, either directly, or via stock, other ways, the Major Petroleum Companies, Coal Companies, Have deals with OPEC and other Oil-producing countries, Power Companies, other Energy Suppliers, and large businesses who use tremendous amounts of energy in order to make (keyword coming) M O N E Y. Now, they will do anything, anything, at all, to make sure they keep making this M O N E Y, even if it means poisoning the environment for their own children. So, what they do is put together a terrific campaign of lies, sophistry, spins, half-truths, other "fake" ways to influence the emotions of the saps who worship them (ironically these are the same people who are screwing them) and watch Fox News, etc, where they get their little brains bent into believing there is no global warming, and then they go out and protest, cause all kinds of trouble, because they've been led to believe that if something were actually done about global warming, it would be harmful to them. See? That's how it works, It's all about M O N E Y, and how the Fatcats can keep it rollin' in, no matter what they have to do.

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    Synonyms For Normal

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    Change Synonyms

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  • 5 years ago

    Climate Change and/or Green House Gasses(GHG) which are both good alternitaves to "Global Warming" which us scientist don't like to use. There are more specific synonyms, but i think those are the most commonly used and easier pronounced names. Those others might Hot House and Tropical Heating, but they honestly make no sense to me. The main problem is the water rise,so, we could use Elevator.

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    5 years ago

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    Are there any synonyms for global warming?

    I'm writing a paper for English and "global warming" has become sort of repetitive in it, so I need synonyms for it. All submitters are appreciated.

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  • mikey
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    1 decade ago

    Here are a few that come to mind:

    1. Algore-ming ?

    2 unsubstantiated claims of global climate change?

    3 ultra-leftist silliness ?

    4 greenie/tree hugger apologism for normal human progress and activity?

    5 computer modeling gone awry?

    6 science without common sense

    7 denial of evidence?(their computer model selectively deletes whole time periods that do not agree with the 'warming' theory.)

    8 pseudo scientific analysis of weather patterns?

    9 And of course, the most important, NORMAL WEATHER PATTERN changes-No one denies that the climate may be changing. The weather changes almost daily, and the climate is just the weather over a long period of time. It may be getting warmer, and there may be some changes we as a people have not seen before. "Global Warming' is basically a theory, and is not substantiated by specific research. We do know that CO2 can cause an overall insulation effect, which can cause some warming, but what is the cause of the CO2, is it only human related??? OF COURSE NOT! We are looking at a snapshot of 300 years of recorded weather data, in a thousands of year cycle. Al Gore and his friends are trying to find a way to stop the development of industrialized nations, and to distribute the wealth to poorer countries. This will include opening patents, and allowing un-restricted development in those countries, while severely limiting development in the USA. They are also looking to make millions of dollars selling "carbon credits" to American companies. "Global Warming" is just an excuse to further these and other agendas. If they didn't have this, they would invent something else. One of the ways they want to re-distribute the wealth is to tax the Americans for a "carbon footprint" which would make the goods produced in this country more expensive, while allowing products from the poorly developed countries to avoid this cost. Sound familiar? See 'communism' if you have any doubt. ps, if you go to a public school, mentioning any of these obvious flaws in the new 'algorism/panthiesm' marriage will probably get your a poor grade. You probably have no choice, regurgitate misinformation all over them, but for you own sanity, learn the truth.

  • 7 years ago

    A hoax , A fraud, A sham, A canard, A myth. A falsehood, A deception and a LIE

  • 1 decade ago

    Climate change

    the green house effect


  • 1 decade ago

    Hot house effect may be one, World wide tropical heating ?

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