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how to use english laptop to install chinese games?

I bought a new English laptop just few days ago, but now im unbable to play the chinese games i want to, im able to type in chinese and the words actually apear correctly, but im not able to install a game after i downloaded it.

"no application is associated with the specified file for this operation" This appeards whenever i try to install the game


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    My best guess would be to install any Asian and Chinese fonts/languages that Windows has to offer on your PC, reboot, then run the application again. If the original application was written to display one of these fonts, then translated to a second font, the first font may still run in the background. Also, there are at least 2 different Chinese font/language packs, so install both on your PC.

    If that doesn't do the job, then expand to include other similar Asian fonts/languages until all becomes clear.

    I've seen this happen with some of our host family PC's in the past when the Japanese students come to visit.

    The installation process varies slightly in deferent versions of Windows, but the document link below will give you a general idea of how to go about this.

    Hope this is helpful....

    Michael McLaughlin @ Iron Oak IT inc., Calgary, AB

    Source(s): How to install and use the Input Method Editor (IME) from the Office 2000 MultiLanguage Pack
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    Just install and use the English dictionary from your XP disk. Then configure your computer to use it. I bow to Andy. I use Mandriva. It and I believe XP/Vista can easily be multilingual even with non latin script.

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