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What is the best surrounding city of Nashville?

My husband and I are looking to move to the Nashville area next year but would rather live in a surrounding city to save money. I have heard that Hermitage and Hendersonville are pretty nice. Any other suggestions? We are looking for a family friendly area that is relatively close to activities and shopping.

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  • dllou1
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    Your best value will be in Hendersonville or Gallatin. Hermitage isn't bad, however. All 3 are reasonable options. If you have lots of $$, Brentwood and Franklin to the south are trendy and higher-priced.

    White House and Springfield are more rural bedroom communities.

    The southeast corridor toward Murfreesboro is much more crowded and has higher crime rates.

  • Pearl
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    I grew up in Tennessee and it's such a gorgeous state. I like the Franklin area. I hear it's pretty expensive now because a lot of the country music stars live around there. You can't go wrong anywhere you live in Tennessee. When I go home and go over a hill and look down in the valley it never ceases to take my breath away.

  • schell
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    I spend a brilliant variety of time in downtown Birmingham. it quite is totally risk-free. i in my view think of your question is bigoted, because of the fact each and every city has risk-free and volatile aspects. different than Newark and Detroit. No place is risk-free there.

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    id go with hendersonville

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  • Kimo
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    Brentwood very upscale, that would be my choice

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