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i'm insecure and i constantly accuse my g/f of cheating and do not let her hang out with friends...?

do you think she will soon leave me or listen to my commands

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    I'm guessing that if she had half a brain, she would soon leave you. Sorry, I know that's harsh, but it's not her responsibility to make you feel secure, it's yours. If she's not cheating, you have no right to accuse her of such. You don't trust her -- how can she trust you? This is not a good foundation for a relationship. You need to get some help, hon!

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    You might try going to cognitive therapist. Look for someone to help you "get your mind together" before your jealousy festers and your relationship gets ugly. Can your partner be trusted? How can you have a good relationship is you don't trust your significant other?

    My boyfriend was jealous and would beat me when he imagined I was flirting with other men. If he had gone to therapy right from the start, we might have had a chance, but I couldn't live with a jealous man ever again.

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    If she doesn't leave you she is an idiot and who wants to be with an idiot unless you consider yourself to be one too. Love can't be forced. In fact a study was done several years ago that the highest rate of cheating was going on with women in abusive relationships. One would think they wouldn't take the chance but I guess anything is better then being stuck with a guy who doesn't love his gf enough to treat her respectfully.

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    Well, good luck, because if I were your girlfriend I wouldn't stick around. Mend your ways Boy or she will walk if she has any sense. Mistrust is something that destroys a relationship quicker than anything else, snf friends are always with you boyfriends come and go. 10 a penny my friend.

    Lighten up,

    or lose her

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    I was in the same boat with my current g/f. It sounds like you have a PPD (paranoid personality disorder) or some kind of depression. Contact your local GP and get referred to a therapist who will take you through a CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) which will help.

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    i've got been married & with my husband for nearly 13 years & my husband has accussed me of cheating or wanting somebody or all people reckoning on the area our entire relationship.He became left by skill of a parent while he became a baby ,he felt abandoned & he became cheated on by skill of previous marriage yet, i think like she merely could not take the consistent stress & accusations. I even have on no account cheated on him i like him yet, i'm drained & starting to be numb.drained that we will not function as a classic kin or have a staggering time out without each and all of the stress of him getting disillusioned over something.the way I stand or not waiting to speak to any guy.I on no account even met my daughters husband for six years. i attempted to do each and everything (all loopy issues) gave up make up wearing something staggering, having any buddies.,going to church, each and everything. i presumed i might desire to tutor to him he might desire to have confidence me.He advised me he could have confidence me after 4 12 months then 6yr then 10 & it going on 13 & we are in worse place ,he worse & i'm because of the fact i think like i choose my life back & bored with consistently protecting myself.i think he loves me & i think undesirable he's this sort.i've got tried counciling & not something that I do or say makes it rather extra valuable.i'm writing to allow all people who's finding for solutions to easily not supply in to stupid demands or supply up your life questioning it may be extra valuable it won't .

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    Don't force her try to tell her in good way because some girls need love or care from someone else if one cares Them then they chose th wrong path be very friendly with her and try to tell her her bad points in good way I sure will understand that.

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    I think that she is going to leave you. If you're constantly accusing her she might even think to just do it anyway.

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    Shes gone if you keep it up. If you dont have trust in your relationship its only a matter of time before someone snaps.

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    it depends on how much she loves you i guess

    thats what my boyfriend did to me.

    we both kinda met half way though. i didnt

    hang out with my guy friends anymore but

    still hung out with my girlrfriends

    and he just didnt accuse me that much.

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