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Tell Me why-Firemen-and-Policemen. A policeman chases down the guy that stole your car, caught the jerk that?

took your computer, found your lost baby brother, brought back your puppy the kid down the street dognapped,nabbed the bank robbers, arrested the drunk that wrecked your car and put you in the hospital- And you hate him.

on the other hand

The fireman comes busts out your windowsl kicks in your door, chops a big hole in your roof, soaks your expensive furniture and rugs, drowns your cat. And you love him

So Go figure.


Gad you guys have no sense of humor.

It's a joke that has circulated police and fire departments for years.

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    As one with some experience in true it is....for the most part. Firemen seem to have this inner desire to "tear s**t up" whether it be a door, wall, ceiling, car, etc. It is usually necessary, but dang do they love it. I was a volunteer for 15 years, and I knew firefighters from big city depts and rural vol. companies, and all loved to get out the "tools of the trade".

    Sadly though, not everyone loves a firefighter. I ran with a company around the Baltimore area a bit and was actually offered a bullet proof vest to wear with my running gear. Seems the residents in some areas didn't like the sirens waking them up at night and would show their dis-satisfaction by taking pop shots at the passing apparatus. The thing that amazed me about those guys/ gals is that they didn't freak out, just went on and did the job, and occasionally patched up the bullet holes in their engines/ squads when they got back to station. I think the reason this joke rings so true most of the time is that most people come into contact with police when they really don't want to (traffic stop, criminal arrest, etc), and firefighters usually only show up when called.

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    That may be true but at the end of the day, a fireman won't pull you over for doing 5 miles over the limit on a Friday afternoon and slap you with a fine for several hundred dollars. Firemen also don't treat people with disrespect. Personally I have never been arrested, but I really hate the way a lot of cops treat the public. You'll never hear a fireman talk to a generally good citizen as if they are a piece of dirt, and you will hear it from a cop in your lifetime. I think it has something to do with how they tazer people too.

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    Fireman are more sexy than policeman Who would u rather like a policeman who saved your lost puppy with his big gut hanging from under his vest or a sexy beefy fireman carrying u out a burning house U make the choice

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    sounds like a goofy question but that is not

    the Fireman also will pull you or your loved one out of a burning buildings and also the Firemen paramedics will save your life if your heart stops..but both jobs are thankless but Firemen investigate arson's, and enforce building codes for fire safety..also they teach CPR and offer many hours of free help to charities and other civic projects.

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    The police officers enforce laws that are often unconstitutional and corrupt and they do it under the guise of protecting the people. The ones who believe they are actually protecting the people are naive, the ones who understand that they're serving an evil master and implementing that masters will are, by association, evil themselves, kind of like the Nazis were when they were imposing the will of Hitler, who, at the time, was loved by Germans, many of whom saw him as a savior.

    Firefighters may be overzealous, and in it for the rush, but they truly are there only to protect. They have no desire to, or power to arrest people who are trying to live their lives as free people, not needing much of the "protection" the police enforce.

    That's my $.02

    Must be lotsa cops reading this post.....Intent on protecting and serving us right into the poorhouse.

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    My brother is a VA State Trooper. I have heard this (similar) joke from him. Even the police can find the humor in it.

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    HAHA...thats pretty funny.

    My borother is NYPD, I'm sure he'll find this entertaining, because unfortuantley its so true

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    This is funny cause it is true.

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