U.S. District Court Probation Officer or Pretrial Officer Job?

I have hopes of becoming a U.S. District Court probation or pretrial officer. I have a B.S. in Psychology, a total of eight years working at one of the largest mental health hospitals in the U.S., and a five years of expereince working as a professional bails bondsman. I am searching for insight into the training and what to expect. Is my bail agent expereince even considered releavent? Will my work in the mental health industry, which also included work with many who were polysubstance abusers qualify me to get more than the minimum that's offered? Even though I desire to be a federal officer, I will consider a position working for a local, county, or state probation office. Does anyone know of an opening anywhere in the Deep south where the cost of living is relatively low and it does not snows? I am askingthat only current or former probation officers reply!

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    1 decade ago
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    You have a good chance with your past work history and degree. However, right now many states have low funding and are having to cut civil service jobs. The State of Florida would not even be able to tell you when they will be able to hire new probation officers even though they are in dire need because the number of arrests is quickly rising. So, all those probation officers who were laid off are most likely trying to go Federal too, if there are even any jobs available. The Department of Justice has a page on their website for recruiting new probation officers. I don't think they are hiring now.

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  • 3 years ago

    Your appropriate threat of having some thing carried out is to inform the choose who positioned this individual on Probation. As for the Probation workplace, you could notify the District felony expert in that section. additionally, all County workplaces have their very own version of inner Affairs. touch the dept on your section. those are the human beings who basically police, the police and probation to maintain them truthful. If this does not paintings, touch regulation enforcement on your section and report a complaint. it quite is going to then be routed to the indoors investigations that handles the probation branch on your section.

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