1990 vw jetta deisel hard to start when cold?

my vw jetta deisel is hard to start when cold,if i plug it in fo an hour before i try starting it in the morning it fires right up but if i dont plug lt in it takes about 5 minutes of cranking to get it to start . has all new glow plugs,could it be a relay fuse that is weak causing the glow plugs not to preheat long enough or does anyone know what else could cause this problem as once it has been started it starts right up when engine is warm

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  • 1 decade ago
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    1 decade ago

    Lets check the fuseable link. Open hood. Engine is off.. Disconnect the negative side of the battery and leave disconnected..an accidental short will blow fuses and we don't want to fix more than necessary.

    The glow plugs are in front of you on the side of the block, tied together to each other by a strip of copper banding which is nutted on to the end of the plugs. At the extreme right plug is where the band ends. Heavy gage Wiring is also under that one nut(probably red/white). This wire if you follow it should take you to a little plastic box on the firewall where it goes into and same wire comes out of and goes to the battery.

    That little plastic box is a cover. Pop it off. It is OK if you use a metal screwdriver( the battery is disconnected, remember?) Behind the cover you will see the wire that entered from one side stop under a philip screw and the wire from the battery on the other side stop under a different phillip screw. In between the 2 screws there should be a strip of " grey metal" that joins the two screws together. The fuseable link that "when it blows, leaves no connection"

    If the grey strip is missing what joins wire A to wire B? Now you have to go to dealer to get another strip and install(remember no battery connection while you are inthere with a screwdriver)

    {I found this rather stupid. Mine blew too, on 2 cars. What if I was in the bush? Took the wires out of the box and used the Phillip screw and nut and bolted the two ends together and used electrician's tape and enclosed that. NOT a problem point anymore.

    HOWEVER, should there be a real heavy short my car wiring will catch on fire. That is what the fuse was for. }

    Maybe my story helped you.

    Orr,If the link is still there, it could be the "glow plug relay" Before replacing the relay, make sure the link is there because even a new relay won't work if it can't get the power and all the power goes thru that fuseable link.

    It has to do with this area of the car, diesels are simple.

    Remember to hook the battery back up and you are good to go.

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  • 3 years ago

    inspect electric powered first. Pull a plug cord off and hook it into yet another plug which you carry to the block....and have somebody else try commencing the vehicle.(it is going to commence on 3) What you're finding for is a spark. jointly because it incredibly is being cranked over. If there is not any spark contained in the hollow, you comprehend it is the electrical powered component to the ignition swap or the module contained in the distributor.. notwithstanding, if to procure blue fat sparks and the vehicle ain't commencing, it incredibly is something to do with gas gadget. have been given an in-line gas clear out? examine it/substitute it. remember too that gas injection vehicles do no longer commence ok in case you have your foot on the gas pedal jointly as cranking. The regulator is to maintain the altenator below administration (which costs the battery)

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  • 1 decade ago

    Check all and change the bad glow plugs.Remove each one and check to see if they glow red in about 10 sec. when you put 12 volt power to them. They either work or don,t work. Be careful testing them,they get hot.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Does it have a glowplug controler on it because if it does that may b the problem.

    Source(s): Personal exp. US Army Mechanic
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