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mine spike tv channel no sounds at all..?

hi guys,

i stay in new york, when i on the spike tv channel which is 37, i can't hear any sounds but when i switched to other channel, the sound is ok.

what's wrong? is there anything wrong with the spike tv channel?



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    No...believe it or not Spike is ok.....

    You have your audio set to the wrong setting....

    You see, IF you have your TV's MTS or SAP button active on your remote, you automatically go to SAP (Separate Audio Program) and if SPIKE is transmitting the SAP PILOT and no audio on the SAP channel

    Well you get NO SOUND and only on that station or any other station that is transmitting the PILOT signal.....

    Those channels that don't transmit the pilot will not switch to SAP mode and that's why you can hear the sound on them.....

    NOW....go find the SAP or MTS button on your remote.....

    OR look for AUDIO mode or AUDIO anything....

    If you press any of those types of buttons over and over, you can cycle back and forth between SAP and STEREO modes.....

    Leave it in Stereo.....

    Source(s): Over 25 years servicing TV sets.
  • Eddie
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    1 decade ago

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