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Help me find synonyms for these words?

I need synonyms for the following words...and more than one would be helpful! This is for a story i'm writing and i don't have a vast vocabulary.

And i would LOVE very complex the kind that people would have to look up in the dictionary to understand! :D









Sorry about listing so many words!


Ah, thank you everyone! I didn't expect so many answers, these have helped alot! Will pick best answer tomorrow!

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    Miserable- depressed, despondent, dejected, wretched, dismal, derisory, measly, dull

    Angry-annoyed, fuming, livid, irate, heated, furious, cross, enraged, outraged, infuriated

    Happy-jovial, ecstatic, exultant, elated,

    Killed- murdered, executed, destroyed, exterminated, eraticated, slayed

    Attacked-assaulted, harrassed, assailed, damaged, confronted,

    Learns- studies, discovers, realizes, ascertains

    Weak- feeble, puny, scrawny, frail, weedy, fragile, enervated, exhausted, insubstantial, flimsy, inadequate, helpless, vulnerable, unprotected, imperceptible, insipid

    Suffer- bear, endure, undergo

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    Hope this helps but it is also a good idea to get yourself or check in your library for a Thesaurus where you can look up a word like angry and then find other words which mean the same.

    Miserable - Forlorn; wretched

    Angry - Irate; wrathful

    Happy - Joyful; Contented

    Killed - Slew; Obliterated

    Attacked - Assaulted; Assailed

    Learns - Studies; Swats; Gathers knowledge

    Weak - Fragile; Poorly; Feeble

    Suffer - Endure; Tolerate

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    Miserable- distressful

    Angry- Enraged

    Happy- Glad? Cheerful?

    Killed- Murdered, Eliminated, executed, assasinated

    Attacked- Assaulted?

    Learns- researches, studies, ????

    Weak- faint, feeble,

    Suffer- Endure

    Check these words to make sure they fit in the story grammar wise

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    Miserable- despair, bleak, gloomy

    Angry- filled with ire

    Happy- delighted, content,

    Killed- murdered, slaughtered

    Attacked- ambush, invade, onslaught

    Learns- comprehends

    Weak- limp, frail, meager

    Suffer- struggle, burdened

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    A thesaurus would help, especially with the fitting of the words;D

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    Miserable; ruined

    Angry; mad

    happy; excited

    Killed; passed away

    Attacked; affected

    learns; attends

    weak; puny

    suffer; stuggle

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    Miserable- sad

    Angry- furious

    Happy- joyful, cheerful

    Killed- murdered

    Attacked- strike, assault

    Learns- masters

    Weak- frail

    Suffer- tolerate

    Source(s): my brain =]] and
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    meserable - distressed

    angry - raged

    happy - bliss

    killed - butcher

    attacked - charged

    learns - discovers

    weak - delicate

    suffer - sustain

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