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what was the status of ukraine from 1800-1910?

waht country was it connected with & under who's control?

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    Here's some chronological listings of the history of Ukraine. There are two variants of "history" here: a) Russia only controlled the East side of the Dniper, and Poland the West and b) Russia controlled most of Ukraine, and the Austrians/Hungarians controlled parts of the West and South.




    My Ukrainian born and raised wife says the real history is not so clear cut as any of these timelines portrays.

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    I believe that at some point in that time frame Western Ukraine and Southeastern Poland were known as Galicia and known as the Austrian Hungarian Empire.

    This makes it very confusing for genealogists, as folks from Poland and Ukraine are stating they are Austrian when they emigrate from Europe.

    This site might be helpful to you. (see below)


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