all electric vehicles?

why do we not go to all electric vehicles, they have from 40-100 mile ranges, and travel from 25-100 mph.

and for pennies on the mile

lets get with it america, wake up.

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    The one EV car I currently have (have 2 vehicles that run on hydrogen also) I converted from a vw bug and is free to charge. As I live completely off the grid all my electricity comes from solar panels and 2 wind generators, which I also built.

    However I did charge up at Costco in Carlsbad California (I actually only drove up there to fill up) if I remember right it was around $2.00

    Not sure if you’re interesting in doing it yourself, but I’d be willing to walk you step by step threw the conversion. I've converted 3 of my own cars (a datsun truck, ford ban, and a vw bug) and a few for neighbors. I've also converted cars to run on hydrogen, ethanol and biodiesel, by far EV is the easiest.

    If you’re interested here’s what it would entitle…

    - The engine compartment is first cleaned out of any gasoline components.

    - Electric components are then installed in exchange.

    - A battery bank is built and incorporated.

    - Existing starter and driving systems are connected.

    - Turn the key, step on the gas pedal sending more energy to the electric motor, & thus more power to the drive system, which in return creates more speed, more acceleration.

    - The system has normal automotive top speeds and acceleration, typical to the vehicle your modifying. If your top speed was 85 mph and your acceleration was 1 mile per min, then this will be what your left with after the conversion.

    The methods are extremely simple, making the process possible for anyone, everyone, ANYWHERE.

    Typical tools, hardware & supplies are used, making access to parts available for all.

    Electric Conversions can be easily accomplished in ANY model vehicle, even tractors, Generators, types of machinery, etc.

    Project lengths range from 1 day to 1 month.

    If you’re interested I wrote a guide on it which is available at www agua-luna com

    My last EV conversion ran me about $1400. Everything is available online. I have a how to do it yourself guide available at www agua-luna com that will walk you step by step through the process. If you have ANY questions feel free to contact me through the site. Here’s a list of what you'd need...

    Advanced DC Motor

    The motor is an 8" Advanced DC series-wound motor. It weighs 107 pounds and is rated at 68 peak horsepower. These motors are available in several sizes.

    Adaptor plate

    The adaptor plate mates the motor to the transmission. It is constructed of 1/2 inch aluminum and is pre-drilled with bolt hole patterns for both the motor and transmission. An aluminum spacer is also used for proper spacing between the shafts of the transmission and motor. Adaptor plates are available for many cars.

    DC Motor Controller

    The controller regulates current going to the motor. It is a solid-state device that uses a pulse width modulator (PWM) that sends short bursts of current to the motor at a rate of 15 kHz. Controllers are available from both Curtis and DCP.

    Potbox (Potentiometer)

    The potbox is a 5K ohm throttle between the controller and the accelerator, similar to the way a sewing machine pedal works. The potbox's lever arm is attached to the existing accelerator cable.

    Main Contactor

    An electric relay that serves the same purpose as the ignition switch in a gas car. When the key is turned to the start position, the contactor closes the circuit to allow current to flow to the controller.

    Circuit Breaker

    A safety device that shuts down power for servicing or during an emergency. The circuit breaker is installed under the hood and can be switched both off and on from the drivers seat with an extension or cable.

    Main Fuse

    The main fuse protect the system from high voltage spikes. A fuse should be installed at each battery box or group of batteries.


    A shunt is placed in series within the wiring as a means to connect meters. Shunts are available in different sizes for both high and low power configurations.

    Charger interlock

    A relay that keeps the circuit open so nobody will inadvertantly drive off with the charge cord plugged into the car.

    DC/DC Converter

    The DC/DC converter is similar in function to a gas car's alternator. It charges the 12 volt accessory battery by chopping voltage from the main battery pack down to 13.5 volts.

    If you interested I offer several DIY alternative guides to walk you step by step threw EV conversion process at agua-luna com or

    www agua-luna com

    Hope this helped, feel free to contact me personally if you have any questions if you’d like assistance in making your first self sufficient steps, I’m willing to walk you step by step threw the process. I’ve written several how-to DIY guides available at www agua-luna com on the subject. I also offer online and on-site workshops, seminars and internships to help others help the environment.

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    1 decade ago

    You've been watching too many YouTube videos. There's a whiff of Discovery Channel in there, too.

    That 'pennies on the mile' would--and will--increase considerably when non-gasoline vehicles are compelled to pay their share of road taxes.

    But it doesn't matter much, because there aren't any electric cars in production right now. It's just websites consisting entirely of promises. I'd be most inclined to trust GM's estimate on the Chevy Volt: it'll be out in 2010--maybe.

    Of course you can buy cars that have been converted to electric power: there have always been a few floating around eBay. They're notoriously difficult to deal with.

  • 1 decade ago

    There are electric vehicles (cars and trucks) out right now. And some are the size of regular vehicles. They run on batteries and can be charged at a fueling station / charge station. At night you plug them in overnight to re-charge before you drive the next day.

    They have become quite sophisticated, elegant (not anything like the Corvette) and practical.

    There are also Solar Vehicles where you exchange the solar packs as needed and then recharge with the sun. And some of these electric cars have solar systems added. They run on a combo of both, now that is the best system.

    I have been currently examining these Electric and Solar vehicles hoping to get a dealership soon. This is the wave of the future. Either we all follow or get LEFT BEHIND. Once we run out of gas we go back to horse and buggy or stay home and our economy colapses. We must keep up with the future and give up our extavagance (like Vipers and Humvees).

    Many of these new electric cars and trucks are getting 75-120 miles to the charge. Now that makes sense. Drive to work, plug it in, go to lunch, plug it in and then drive home and plug it in. Easy as that.

    And the do not cost more than what we are paying now for vehicles and most are less. You can get a small car the size of a Mazda (compact) for about $12,000. Now too bad.

    The reason you dont see them at the big dealerships is that at this time it is not cost effective for them to carry them. They are reluctant to change also. But their engineers are working on these vehicles non-stop. Chysler has the GEM ready to sell. You will see these everywhere in about 5 years.

    Get on board and support this technology. Once the gas is gone our lives would be at a stand still. Our lives will change forever.

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    We're getting there. The first affordable highway speed EV is set to become available in July - the Green Vehicles Triac:

    And there will be several more coming out in the next year or two, as well as several plug-in hybrids coming by 2010. Electric cars are the way of the future - we're just not quite there yet, but we're close.

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  • 1 decade ago

    This question has been asked for many years.... but the problem is americans love thier cars. The models and makes available are not only expensive, but have little style to them. There used to be tax incentives for purchasing these vehicles but they have been reduced and I believe are phasing out soon.

    The cost to charge the batteries is getting more expensive as well. Not only is there that problem but you also have to replace the batteries at every 4-5 years for at least $700, and have the problem of disposing the old batteries.

    If we could get businesses and rental car companies to make these mandatory modes of transportation then the exposure would help more americans become aware of the vehicles and perhaps help sell the cars.

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    For one thing the batteries that will be used in the electric vehicles will eventully run out of juice permanitly. When that happens you will have to buy either a new car or a new battery. The battery would cost around $400 without inflation and the old battery would be an enviromental disaster if not gotten rid of in the proper way. Also what happens if you run out of battery power on a long trip in the middle of the dessert. You wait until a battery powered tow truck comes to pull you out of where ever you are. Also on the cells of the lithium ion batterys they have a warning that the battery might explode or leak. If either one of those things happens you will have a slight problem. Another problem is the electricity to actully charge your vehicle. I would think that it would take all of the US's power generators at 100% output to charge all of our cars. I don't think we would ever have enough power but maybe if we turn off everything we will have enough power. I think we need to work on that technology before we move on it.

  • 6 years ago

    China has signalled plans to invest $16bn into its electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, a move that could stimulate massive growth in EV sales and help the country cut carbon emissions.

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    1 decade ago

    Don't you think if it was practical they would be sold?

    What really needs to be done is a complete turn on how we are going to solve this problem. The solution is simple we just need to get rid of the corrupt politicians who have opposed any solutions in the past.

    Steps to to a sound gov't energy policy:

    1. End all taxes on sale of fuel.

    2 End all subsidies of public transportation and add taxes to public transportation to make up for the lost revenue above.

    3 Open up the coast of California and all areas of Alaska to oil drilling. .

    4. Raise interest rates to makes the dollar buy more.

    5 Make it a federal crime to oppose oil drilling in Alaska and the coast of California.subject to 25 years in a Federal prison.

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    1 decade ago

    I would love to buy an electric car but have you seen the prices on them, you have to have a lot and I mean a lot of money to buy one. Their cost is what is stopping people from buying them. It is supply and demand I guess. Hybrid cars are good and at least they are half electric

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    Where is all of this extra electricity coming from? We already have brownouts and power outages in some parts of the country every summer. We wood need to build more power plants. Hydroelectric would be out because of oposition to flooding such large areas. Coal? Opposition because of emissions. Gas and oil? That's what we are trying to fix. So what's left? Wind. Opposition because of concerns about birds and ruining the view. Pretty much leaves nuclear. And we know how many new nuclear plants have been built in the last 20 yr.

  • 1 decade ago

    umm cause they dont have electric chargers at gas stations when ur on a road trip

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