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Seeking primary sports insurance for individual athletes, not students.?

My non-professional adult roller derby league has recently decided to require primary health insurance from our skaters. Some of our skaters cannot afford regular primary insurance through their jobs, state programs or out of pocket. I know that most universities are able to offer cheap limited primary insurance (that only covers students while they are participating in a given sport), but are there such policies available to the general public? How much would something like that cost for one year?

Most of the non-university sports insurance policies I've been able to find through google offer coverage for the league or organization, not for individuals.

Any suggestions?


Thanks for the information, mbrcatz, but I can't tell if I'm misunderstadning you or if I wasn't clear. It's not a group policy that we need- we already have this kind of insurance for all of our skaters through a national roller sports organization, but it's understood as a secondary insurance policy. What I'm trying to find now is a primary insurance policy that our skaters can purchase as individuals, since many of us already have primary insurance through our work or the state and don't need another policy. Does that make sense? And does such a thing exist for non-students? I've only seen this limited sports insurance (as a primary policy) offered to university athletes.

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    It's called a group accident policy, and likely it WOULD be available for your group to purchase.

    It covers all members of the group (you provide a roster once a year) for a limited amount of accidental injury coverage - usually $5,000 or $10,000 per person. Um, that much doesn't go very far, if there's a serious injury.

    Premium is up to the underwriter. Minimum group premiums are $750 a year, however, I'd guess you're looking at a much higher group minimum premium - likely $500 per person, per year. Plus a deductible, maybe $1,000.

    Bottom line - it's going to be limited coverage, and won't be cheaper than a health plan through the employer, AND, EVER SINGLE MEMBER OF THE GROUP would be charged for.

    A local, independent agent should be able to get this for you, though. Cigna does group accident policies, but there are other companies out there that do it, as well.

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