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Seeking primary sports insurance for individual athletes, not students?

My non-professional adult roller derby league has recently decided to require primary health insurance from our skaters. Some of our skaters cannot afford regular primary insurance through their jobs, state programs or out of pocket. I know that most universities are able to offer cheap limited primary insurance (that only covers students while they are participating in a given sport), but are there such policies available to the general public? How much would something like that cost for one year?

Most of the non-university sports insurance policies I've been able to find through google offer coverage for the league or organization, not for individuals.

Any suggestions?

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    Try K&K Insurance, they do this type of coverage. They do however also do the leagues so browse around a little bit on their site. Another company is Maksin Management but you have to work through an agency to be able to access them.

    Source(s): Licensed insurance producer in State of NJ
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    I called K&K this afternoon to inquire about Accident Insurance for our skaters for an upcoming bout, and was told that they can only insure spectators, not the skaters.

    Come to that, I have called a good half-dozen sports insurance agencies, and so far NONE of them have been able to insure our skaters. (We are looking for a single bout policy though, not primary insurance. Our skaters all have USARS for their supplemental, but we've just found out that a bout we are scheduled to participate in is not USARS sanctioned, so I am trying to find our skaters alternate coverage for that bout.)

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