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holocaust help...?

need help on.. what is the holocaust..? why did it happen? should we remeber it? and something about ghetto's..

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    The Holocaust (from the Greek ὁλόκαυστον (holókauston): holos, "completely" and kaustos, "burnt"), also known as Ha-Shoah (Hebrew: השואה), Churben (Yiddish: חורבן), is the term generally used to describe the genocide of approximately six million European Jews during World War II, as part of a program of deliberate extermination planned and executed by the Nazi regime in Germany led by Adolf Hitler.

    Other groups were persecuted and killed by the regime, including the Roma; Soviets, particularly prisoners of war; ethnic Poles; other Slavic people; the disabled; gay men; and political and religious dissidents, such as Jehovah's witnesses. Many scholars do not include these groups in the definition of the Holocaust, defining it as the genocide of the Jews, or what the Nazis called the "Final Solution of the Jewish Question." Taking into account all the victims of Nazi persecution, the death toll rises considerably: estimates generally place the total number of victims at nine to 11 million.

    Jewish ghettos in Europe existed because Jews were viewed as alien due to being a cultural minority and due to their non-Christian beliefs in a Renaissance Christian environment. As a result, Jews were placed under strict regulations throughout many European cities.

    The character of ghettos has varied through times. In some cases, the ghetto was a Jewish quarter with a relatively affluent population (for instance the Jewish ghetto in Venice). In other cases, ghettos were places of terrible poverty and during periods of population growth, ghettos had narrow streets and tall, crowded houses.

    Residents had their own justice system. Around the ghetto stood walls that, during pogroms, were closed from inside to protect the community, but from the outside during Christmas, Pesach, and Easter Week to prevent the Jews from leaving during those times.

    The persecution and genocide were accomplished in stages. Legislation to remove the Jews from civil society was enacted years before the outbreak of World War II. Concentration camps were established in which inmates were used as slave labour until they died of exhaustion or disease. Where the Third Reich conquered new territory in eastern Europe, specialized units called Einsatzgruppen murdered Jews and political opponents in mass shootings. Jews and Roma were crammed into ghettos before being transported hundreds of miles by freight train to extermination camps where, if they survived the journey, the majority of them were killed in gas chambers. Every arm of Germany's bureaucracy was involved in the logistics of the mass murder, turning the country into what one Holocaust scholar has called "a genocidal state."

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    We do need to remember that it happen. So many killed just so one man could gain power. Why did it happen? Just like today with what going on in the Middle East. You have those who felt that no war is worth fighting so to stay out of a war they allowed Hilter to have his way. Just as many want to do today. Just as Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton over looked all the killing and bombing many in the 1930's over looked what was going on then. We should learn from history not repeat it but we do. And it was not only Jews who was killed during that time thou they made up over 95% of those killed in the West holocaust. Japan killed millions in the Far East during the same time.

    We can fight them there or here. Those in the 1930's ended up fighting them at home. Will we make the same mistake? If the Left have their way 9/11 will be a weekly event in the US and all we had to do was learn from the events that lead to the holocaust to stop it.

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    The holocaust is when hitler somewhat ruled over germany. And he caused hatred for the Jews. Yes, we should remember it. It is a tragic and historic event. It happened because Hitler believed that everyone should look the same and be the same. He hated anyone who was different. He wanted everyone to be blue eyed and have blonde hair.

    The ghettos were isolated cities, often surrounded by walls. The cities were often filled with jews, gypsys', and anyone who helped them. The gaurds treated them horribly. Often denying them food and beating them, even killing them. The ghettos were filled with death. As were other places. Then the ones stuck in the cities were taken to concentration camps, and killed.

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    Three approaches to reply this. a million.) Obidience and compliance- MIlgrams popular research used to be provoked via the holocaust. He observed, of typical day-to-day Americans off the avenue, 60% might hold electricuting a few till they died (they believed) if informed to. The inspiration is you give up accountability to any person of greater rank (a an identical factor used to be implemented to the American soilders bombing a villiage of females and youngsters in Vietnam) two.) Depersonalisation: In any case of genocide, there are a couple of common stipulations: an us - them perspective toward the percieved underclass, depersonalistion of the perceived underclass (Jews, darkish skinned races, homosexuals have been viewed lesser than the superb race), blaming them for the entire issues, believing that the nation is in a state of concern - an severe resolution is wanted, and a robust chief three.) More lately, psychologists have brushed aside Milgram's view a minimum of because it applies to the greater degree of the chain of command (it could nonetheless follow to you bulldozer driving force). Several of the camp guards actively and imagineitively interpreted orders that didn't actuall name for the holocaust, orders being very indistinct. There used to be an air of competetion for Hitler's favour. The guards have been dedicated to what they have been doing, knew what they have been doing, and so they notion it used to be the correct factor to do. They notion they have been killing an enamy, they take at the ideology of the institution that condones this behavoir Most of the persons that have been "dependable" have been sentenced on the nuremberg trial. Others decrease down have been much more likely to be (or a minimum of think) they have been simply following orders, for that reason warding off guilt that might cause them to suicide. Those that took at the ideology might now not think guilt

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    the holocaust was Nazi Germany's systematic attempt to murder all European Jews. Adolf Hitler was the German leader of the National Socialist (NAZI) Party during 1933-1945. He rose to power by promoting racist and nationalistic views.

    And about the ghettos....

    Hitler crammed jews together in ghettos which are city districts (often enclosed) in which the Germans concentrated the municipal and sometimes regional Jewish population and forced them to live under miserable conditions. Ghettos isolated Jews by separating Jewish communities from the non-Jewish population and from other Jewish communities. The Germans established at least 1,000 ghettos in German-occupied and annexed Poland and the Soviet Union alone. German occupation authorities established the first ghetto in Poland in Piotrków Trybunalski in October 1939.

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    You may want to consult or maybe even join if you wish , the unequalled group on Yahoo! where you will get a comprehensive answer to all your questions.Remember_The_Holocaust@yahoogroups.com Thus you would find a posted article on the unveiling of a monument to gays victims of the Nazis just posted, and which among others, cites the following: ""The last known survivor—Pierre Seel, a Frenchman deported in 1941 when he was 17-years-old, died in November 2005. In his memoirs he described how his first love, 18 year-old Jo, was torn apart by dogs in front of other prisoners. "" In other words, the dogs were used to maul detainees to death; another example of the cruelty of the Nazis. In some case I read in the past that the dogs ere used for the amusement of the Nazi guards such as biting off the genitals of male prisoners.

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    The best link about the holocaust and everything one needs to know about the fate of the Jewish people is here


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    Go to the US Holocaust Memorial Museum's website. They have a lot of good information there.


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