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using baking soda to whiten teeth....?

how do you use baking soda to whiten your teeth? what do you mix it with and how much do you use? anyone that's tried it....can you tell me if it tastes nasty? does it have a wierd texture? cuz im not so much for trying new things, but i guess if it doesn't taste to bad i'll try it.

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    Just put a teaspoonful on a saucer, dampen your toothbrush and press it gently in the soda, then brush your teeth as normal, , it tastes a little salty and is just a bit 'gritty', then just rinse your teeth and have a cup of tea, it's what I do.

    If you worry about it being abrasive, add a little water to make a paste.

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    Put a little baking soda on a dish and add a small amount of water and peroxide to it, enough to make it paste-like. If it's a bit runny don't worry, just add a little more baking soda. Brush your teeth gently (don't use an electric toothbrush as that is to harsh) and try not to do this more than 3 times per week as it is abrasive. The baking soda and peroxide mixture will help whiten your teeth and is less expensive than the stuff they sell in stores.

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    ok there are 2 brands i know of that do all the hard work for you and make baking soda toothpaste.

    arm and hammer



    * 1/4 cup of baking soda

    * 1/8 cup of water

    * Edible flavoring (optional)

    1. Mix the baking soda and water in a container.

    2. Add flavoring (optional).

    3. Shake the container rapidly.

    4. Slowly pour a small portion onto your tooth brush and start to brush!


    * Baking soda can and actually does dissolve orthodonthic glue. Don't use this recipe if you wear braces or any other kind of permanent/fixed dental correctors!

    * Do not use too much flavoring - this could cause numbness of the tongue.

    * Sugar is not a flavoring!

    * If you've swallowed a lot of the "toothpaste" mixture, drink water and seek medical assistance if needed; too much baking soda may make you vomit.

    * Be careful if you use this treatment frequently; it might wear the enamel off your teeth.

    * Use caution whenever using wood ashes, since ashes that have been mixed with water can create lye, a very caustic chemical.

    o lord. just buy some ready made willya?

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    I soak my toothbrush in peroxide, then i dip it in baking soda and brush for at least a min. It taste supergross and foams, but you can't beat the cleaning you get. My teeth are so clean, at my last cleaning, my dentist put the tools away and showed my teeth to the other dentist.

    Since it is gross, I only do it at night, but it does work and baking soda is super cheap.

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    Baking soda is abrasive so whilst it will remove surface stains it can also have a detrimental effect on enamel. Other methods use bleach, and are surprisingly painful when done professionally. You can buy toothpaste that contains baking soda which is gentler on your tooth enamel.

    Source(s): Former Dental Surgery Assistant
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