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Skaters from Canada?

Who are some good skaters from Canada?

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    There are loads of good skaters from Canada;

    Older guys;

    Colin McKay (hugely involved with DC) and Rick Howard (part owner of Girl skateboards) are both legends, Sluggo was the first to do a backflip on vert

    PLG is good, and is more in the mainstream eye as he is more of a contest / x-games vert skater

    Paul Machnau is a handrail killer

    Newer skaters;

    Gailia Momolu is a really good skater, Russ Milligan is amazing (switch 360 flips turning with them on flat perfect), Mike Hastie, Travis Stenger, Chris Haslam (one of the very best in the world), Wade Desarmo, Ryan and Scott Decenzo are both blowing up right now...

    Basically there is a thriving skate scene in Canada with great skaters who are occasionally overlooked by the rest of the world. Canada is notable for the sheer abundance of skateparks as well as its great street scene

    A good site to check is - this is a mainstream Canadian skate magazine (going since 1990) and should give you way more info than a reply would on here!

    Source(s): Skateboarding magazine writer
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    Pierre-Luc Gagnon

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