have a 1992 Yamaha vxr wave runner not getting fuel to carbs how does the fuel system work?

first time owner and dont know how fuel system works checked all fuel lines they are dry if you put fuel in carbs it will start and dont know what to check or replace

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    I own several skis, and the only Yamaha I have (an '89 Wavejammer 500) is the only one that has never given me any fuel trouble! Now, do you feel better? Just kidding, but those little boats can be pains at times!

    On your ski, there can be quite a few problems. The carburettor has an integral fuel pump, this sometimes id the culprit. If your ski has sat for a while (or even not) the needle and seat in the carb may be sticking. You also have a filter, and a selector valve and pick-up tubes in the tank that can be the problem.

    Before you go to replacing stuff, systematically check all fuel lines for blockage (blow air through them while removed from carb). Rotate the fuel selector while doing this to eliminate it as the failure point (they do get stopped up). Change the filter. Be sure that the hoses are where they are supposed to be! There is an "in" and "return" line at the carb. If they are reversed, it won't run. Visit the first site below and you will see how your fuel system "flows".

    If all that is fine, and it still won't run, its time to build the carb, or replace it. Here are some sites you need to visit;

    For exploded diagrams, and all parts you will need, go here;

    A VERY good place for aftermarket, rebuilt stuff and performance parts is here;http://www.sbtontheweb.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?...

    Check out the manual at the last site also. If you own a ski, you need the book!

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    Yamaha Wave Jammer

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    1991 Yamaha Waverunner

  • 7 years ago

    i have a 93 yamaha waverunner 650 new carb rebuild kit,135 psi compression,and still no gas flow,any ideas?

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