College for sports?

Where Can I find like schools that are good for sports marketing or sports entertainment, or even broadcasting, any sport careers really for sports. A list of schools or a website would be nice. I tried College, but it didn't really help

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    Question: What are good sports marketing colleges?

    --San, Beaverton, Oregon

    San: There are many factors to consider when researching a school. You may want to consider the cost, your chance of being accepted and the effect attending a particular school may have on your family and friends. To determine what school is right for you, it is best to research any potential school as thoroughly as possible.

    That said, some of the top schools for sports marketing include:

    Arizona State University

    W. P. Carey School of Business A W. P. Carey MBA with a specialization in sports business offers students a market advantage by delivering sophisticated business skills with practical industry knowledge and experience.

    University of Oregon Sports Marketing Program

    The James H. Warsaw Sports Marketing Center is one of the premiere sports education and research programs in the world and has become a model for sports-business programs in schools across the country.

    University of Nebraska Lincoln

    The Sports Marketing program is for students who want to become professionals in sports marketing. These graduates will have knowledge of general business issues, an understanding of marketing issues, and an internship in the field.

    Seton Hall University - The Stillman School of Business

    The W. Paul Stillman School of Business at Seton Hall University provides professional education geared toward the complex practical needs of business leaders.

    You may also want to do some online research. The Princeton Review's Web site has a page dedicated to just that.

    [go to the site below, and there are links to some things mentioned, like the Princeton Review website]

    Regarding sports broadcasting--you would want to go to any school that is strong in communications, basically. I would strongly suggest Syracuse University. Here is a list of schools that offer courses in this subject, though:

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