guild wars?

tell me about it, in general.

what you love

what you hate

which game you like the best and why

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Guild wars is a good game in my opinion.

    The only real problem i have with it, is that you need to have all the games in order to play all the content. The problem with that, I got invited to a group once to go do some stuff, and i couldn't do it because i didn't have that expansion.

    That wouldn't be so much of a problem in most MMO games, but Guild Wars charges $40-$50 for EACH ONE, and hasn't yet had a price drop.

    I like the adventuring, and i like that you can get a party together made up of NPCs if you can't find some people to do a mission with. It's got great graphics, it's a lot of fun to play.

    There is one thing that bugs me a little about it, is when you go into an area that isn't installed from the original CD, it has to download the entire place. So sometimes you end up waiting like 20 minutes just to go into a new town. :/

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