Where is the best place to buy quality pavers at a discount price?

Project - 750 sq foot patio. Need to buy large (either 12" or 16") pavers and would like to know a good wholesale site to purchase from?

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    1 decade ago
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    You should look up a stone supply yard nearby. You are looking at a couple of tons and if you have them freighted in it's going to cost you a fortune. You could try luck stone, they have yards all over the country or you could tell me what city you live in and I will find them for you and let you know. I had 6 tons of desert oak shipped to NJ from NC and it cost me 1800 dollars just for the freight. Thats twice as much as I paid for the pavers, and that was two years ago when feul was about 2.35 a gallon for diesel So you are going to want to find them locally.

    I know luck carrries 12x12 pavers but I think you are going to have a real difficult time finding 16" pavers

    One more thing, if it's quality pavers then you are going to have to pay for them. If they are discount pavers then they are outdated and last years tech. or they are overstocked because masons no the quality is bad and we don't use them.

    I would exspect that you need to be willing to spend 250 to 350 per pallet with each pallet covering roughly 120sq feet.

    Source(s): Mason,20 years
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  • Karen
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    4 years ago

    For the best answers, search on this site https://shorturl.im/avVMm

    One place with a lot of bulk silver offered is Ebay. You have to bid on it, but you are likely to get a competitive price if you do not over bid.

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