i need some help with Audi 2003 A6 Quarto!!?

i have just bought 2003 Audi A6 Q, when i turn the wheel R or L and start to move the car i hear and feel strange sound and feeling. when i check with the dealer whome i bought it from he told me that is the AWD system and it is normal in that model.

any one can help me with that, is he correct or another layer

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This AWD system should not make any noise and should not feel hard to handle no more than any other car.

    This 4 wheel drive system on this Audi is one of the best..

    The drive set up is not locked in on any differential so it does not feel hard to steer.

    If the steering is hard, try this quick check, steer around a steady corner with the foot off the gas, car should steer perfectly... Now try the same corner again but as you go around apply some gas as you come out of the corner... if the steering fights you and tries to straighten up fiercely there is a problem with the differential / Transfer gears.

    If this is a model that has 3 traction road settings,, example.. Tarmac, Snow, Gravel. just check that its not in snow or gravel as this will cause all sorts of funny things as you drive on a perfect road.

    Good luck..

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