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Frog Croaking every night!?

I can not take it anymore. My spa is filled with hundreds of tadpoles already, that I've been trying to catch and release the whole week. Heavy rains are not helping though. I tried to scare the frog away with a broom and splashing water on it (I dont want to hurt it) but it keeps coming back. What to do?

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    its breeding season for all reptiles and amphibians right now... unless you want to drain your spa, theres nothing else to do.... if you kill it, more will come... more than likely its a different frog every night.


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    Tell all the neigborhood kids they can have all the tadpoles they can catch. Kids can take em home and watch them grow into frogs.

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    When the croaking gets the hardest, burst a cracker or something into the pond

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