My girlfriend is undergoing HRT. What should I do to help her emotionally?

I am 17 years old and my girlfriend is the same age as mine. She's taking some kind of medication and said to me that she's suffering from some kind of disease, which I eventually know that she's undergoing HRT by taking progynova.

She kept complaining at me the side effects of the medication, but won't tell me the reason as to why she's taking the medication.

The question here is, is it normal for a teen girl to undergo HRT and what should I do to keep her together?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Its good you want to be there for her, but it is important that she be open and honest with you about this. In order for you to be there for her I think she needs to tell you what is wrong, it doesnt seem right for her to shut you out of such an important part of her life, especially if you're right there supporting her and holding her hand. Continue to care for her, but try explaining to her that she is very important to you, and that you want to help her through this time in her life, and hopefully she will give you the details on what is wrong, and you can further help her from there.

    Quite honestly if she's only a teen and she's having Hormonal Replacement Therapy... thats freakin not normal and you need to find out whats going on ASAP. Good luck.

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