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Anonymous asked in 教育及參考書小學及中學教育 · 1 decade ago

Mathematics exercises for F.2...

Does anyone of you have Maths. test / exam paper of F.2 level??

If not,,,do u have any websites that contains these kind of exercises??

Plz give me some links,,,,,


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  • NCY
    Lv 7
    1 decade ago
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    Mathematics exercises for F.2 are as follows~

    http://ktlms.mysch.n/ et/~maths/mctest2004 /s2test/s2ch02index/ index.htm

    http://www.qcobass.e/ c_html/interact_down 2.htm

    http://www.hkedcity./ net/iworld/resource/ index.phtml?iworld_i d=41&parent_id=9 97

    http://www.hkedcity./ net/iclub_files/a/1/ 41/webpage/WebLearni ng/WebLearningIndex. htm

    http://www.hkedcity./ net/iworld/resource/ index.phtml?iworld_i d=41&parent_id=1 006

    http://www.hkedcity./ net/resources/ires/i res_browse.phtml?typ e=cat&parent_id= 15&res_cat_id=57

    http://www.hkedcity./ net/resources/ires/i res_search_summary.p html?level1=4&le vel2=64&res_func _type=8&keyword= &res_cat_id=64&a mp;a mp;display_type=SEAR CH&entry_pt=res& amp; amp;but_search=%B7j% B4M

    http://www.taipolst./ s/mathsex/p2/p2.htm .hk/vlc/preps/prepta ble.htm

    http://www.hkedcity./ net/resources/ires/i res_browse.phtml?res _cat_id=4646&res _func_type=0&pag e_no=4&page_no2= 4&display_type=B ROWSE&sort_attr= create_date&old_ sort_attr=create_dat e&sort_order=asc &keyword=&AC TION_ID= .hk/teacher/cps-ckk/ S2resources.htm

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