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我想知道 這篇獅子與老鼠的文章裡有什麼文法變化 越詳細越好,不是要文章的翻譯而是想知道有什麼詞性變化之類的,謝謝

The Lion and the Mouse

A small mouse crept up to a sleeping lion. The mouse admired the lion's ears, his long whiskers and his great mane.

"Since he's sleeping," thought the mouse, "he'll never suspect I'm here!"

With that, the little mouse climbed up onto the lion's tail, ran across its back, slid down its leg and jumped off of its paw. The lion awoke and quickly caught the mouse between its claws.

"Please," said the mouse, "let me go and I'll come back and help you someday."

The lion laughed, "You are so small! How could ever help me?"

The lion laughed so hard he had to hold his belly! The mouse jumped to freedom and ran until she was far, far away.

The next day, two hunters came to the jungle. They went to the lion's lair. They set a huge rope snare. When the lion came home that night, he stepped into the trap.

He roared! He wept! But he couldn't pull himself free.

The mouse heard the lion's pitiful roar and came back to help him.

The mouse eyed the trap and noticed the one thick rope that held it together. She began nibbling and nibbling until the rope broke. The lion was able to shake off the other ropes that held him tight. He stood up free again!

The lion turned to the mouse and said, "Dear friend, I was foolish to ridicule you for being small. You helped me by saving my life after all!"

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    1.A small mouse crept(creep爬行,在此是過去式) up to a sleeping(正在睡覺的adj.) lion.

    2."Since he's sleeping(be Ving正在睡覺,現在進行式)

    3.The lion awoke(awake 醒來vt,過去式.p.p.:awoke) and quickly caught(catch的過去式) the mouse between its claws.

    4.The mouse jumped to freedom and ran(run的過去式) until she was far, far away.

    5.two hunters came(come的過去式) to the jungle

    6.They went(go的過去式) to the lion's lair.

    7.When the lion came home that night, he stepped(step的過去式,e為母音,動詞變態為重複字尾加ed) into the trap.

    8.He roared!吼叫(roar-roared-roared)

    9.He wept!哭泣(weep-wept-wept)

    10.The mouse eyed(注視著vt.) the trap and noticed(注意到,notice的過去式) the one thick rope that held(hold的過去式) it together.

    11.She began(begin-began-begun Ving) nibbling(nibble一點一點的咬v) and nibbling until the rope broke(break破裂).

    12.The lion was able to(be able to能夠) shake off the other ropes that held(hold-held-held) him tight. He stood(stand-stood-stood) up free again!

    13.I was foolish to ridicule不定詞(嘲笑.揶揄vt.) you for being small.

    14.You helped(help的過去式) me by(藉由...方法 Ving) saving(拯救) my life after all.

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