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急翻~產房自然分娩醫囑 (20點)


1.Indication of admission diagnostic study

*History taking

*Lab test

*Physical exam

*Check FHB

*Special procedures

2.Management (1.Prepartum care)

*IV infusion

*Check FHB

*Nursing care

*Vital signs q4h

*Special procedures

*Skin prepare over perineal area

3. Management (2.Delivery care)

* Check FHB


*Delivery of fetus&apgar score

*Baby care

*Dilivery of placenta

*Labor room care

*Vital signs prn

4. Management (1.Postpartum care)

*Vital signs

*Check uterine contraction

*Perineal wound care

*Breast care


*Sitz bath




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    1.Indication of admission diagnostic study入院診斷分析的指示(適應症)

    *History taking 病史探詢

    *Lab test 實驗室檢查

    *Physical exam 理學檢查

    *Check FHB 檢查胎兒心跳

    *Special procedures 特殊的程序

    2.Management (1.Prepartum care)2處置(1產前護理)

    *IV infusion 靜脈注射

    *Check FHB 檢查胎兒心跳

    *Nursing care 護理照顧

    *Vital signs q4h 每4小時檢查生命跡象

    *Special procedures 特殊的程序

    *Skin prepare over perineal area會陰部皮膚的準備(毛髮刮除,消毒等)

    3. Management (2.Delivery care)3處置(2分娩護理)

    * Check FHB 檢查胎兒心跳

    *Episiotomy 外陰切開術

    *Delivery of fetus&apgar score胎兒分娩&阿普伽新生兒評分法

    *Baby care 嬰兒護理

    *Dilivery of placenta胎盤產出

    *Labor room care 產房護理

    *Vital signs prn必要時檢查生命跡象

    4. Management (1.Postpartum care)4處置(1產後護理)

    *Vital signs 檢查生命跡象

    *Check uterine contraction 檢查子宮收縮情形

    *Perineal wound care會陰傷口護理

    *Breast care 乳房護理

    *Medication 用藥

    *Sitz bath坐浴(浸泡臀部治療用)

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  • Thomas
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    2.管理(1.Prepartum 關心)

    *IV 注入






    3. 管理(2.Delivery 關心)



    *fetus&apgar 得分的交付





    4. 管理(1.Postpartum 關心)







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