I want to find a Poem, that would be from "father to daughter on your wedding day".?

My daughter's father died 7 years ago, she is now 20 Yrs old and getting married. I am looking for a poem that says he is watching her from above.

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    A special little girl was given to us one day, you were placed into our arms for us to lead your way.

    The love we had for you right from the very start has grown so much and now it completely fills our hearts.

    Our lives have had some laughter, We've had our share of tears, And each has had their place, With the passing of the years.

    You stand before us now, ready to be married. It’s hard for us to realize you’re the little girl we carried.

    We are so happy for you and ____a nice man, and we will help you and _____ in any way we can!


    Family Poem

    My Daughter's Wedding (A Fathers' Prayer)

    © By John N. Maxwell

    My Lord,

    My God,

    How can it be,

    That she's looking at him

    As she once looked at me?

    Can he know her heart

    As I've known her heart?

    Can he dry her tears

    As I have through the years?

    Where have the days gone

    When I was her knight,

    And dragons b'neath bedsprings

    Abandoned their fight?

    My Lord,

    My God,

    I know it must be,

    That she now trusts him

    As she once trusted me.

    Help him love her heart

    As I love her heart.

    Let him dry her tears

    As they walk through the years.

    A new day has dawned

    And he is her knight.

    When dragons ascend,

    He must take up the fight.

    My Lord,

    My God,

    I pray let it be,

    That they walk with you

    As you have with me.

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