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What brand of dog food is the best for a pitbull?

I have a 6 month old pitbull puppy

she weights 40 pounds

i walk her for 30 minutes everyday

but she looks scrawny

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    Don't listen to the Iams, Eukanuba, Purina stuff. It's all by-products(euthanized dogs and cats) and corn which sucks and wheat which sucks too. One of the best dog foods on the market is Canidae All Life Stages. put in you zip to find out where to get it. It's still inexpensive but no fillers, by-products or any other garbage in there. Nutro is also a good food and available at Petsmart like places. Do your research on it here. OH and Science Diet sucks too. At least the Purina is cheap but you get the same crap for MORE money with the others so you get ripped off worse and feed your dog garbage too.

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    Best Dog Food For Pitbulls

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    Your pit bull is 6 months old hopefully you have been feeding the dog a puppy food puppy food has a higher fat and protein than adult dog food. They need to stay on puppy food til they are 1 yr old. When choosing a food look also at the ingredients. If it say whole corn or by -products(which are head feet and intestines) do not pick that food, it won't hurt them but basically has no nutritional value and comes out as waste. Also a food you buy at the supermarket is more than likely not a premium pet food. Go to a pet food store and purchase a premium food without the fillers. 2 kinds I use are

    Nutro Ultra large breed adult (they make it in puppy food too)and they have the highest levels of omega 3&6's for guarenteed better skin and coat no sugars or fillers, smaller firmer stools less clean up and the other I use when I can't get that is Natures balance duck and potato. I think you will find good results with either of these

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    Best Food For Pitbulls

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    The owner of the dog needs to know how to "operate" the dog, same way you can get into a car that's in perfect running order but if you don't know how to drive you won't have much luck making the car go anywhere. If the owner doesn't know how to maintain the training, the dog will soon become untrained again. Read more here

    People seem to think that once a dog is trained, that's it. Not true. You must reinforce the dog's training every single day in some way. It's best if the owner and the dog go together to get trained. As a professional trainer once said to me "We can train any dog in 2 days. It takes longer to train the owners

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    I show Chinese Shar Pei and when I need to put weight on a dog, I feed Nutro brand food. My dogs like it, and eat it well. Keep in mind that the dog is young, and at around 6-8 months most breeds go through a growth spurt and get taller, but skinnier, and it takes a couple more months for the weight to catch up to the height.

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    my dogs do great on canidae. i feed the all life stages formula because i have 3 dogs all different ages. they like to eat it (that's always a good thing,) it makes their coat shiny, they have solid stools, good eyes & teeth, and are all around healthy dogs. also, it's one of the least expensive premium foods. and it has high quality ingredients from the US, no corn, byproducts, hormones, synthetic vitamin k, etc. the formula change they did last year caused problems because some people didn't transition their dogs slowly enough, and some dogs are sensitive to those changes. it's not a problem with the formula. i'd definitely recommend it, and formula change or not, it's still a five star food. oh! and canidae also makes a grain-free food now.

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    Here are the best ones:

    I've filtered the listing to only show the good brands such as Innova, Canidae, Wellness, Taste of the Wild, Merrick, and Blue Buffalo.

    Healthy dog food for your pitbull iis a bit more expensive but it's worth it. Get it from Amazon since shipping is free and the prices are some of the best you'll find.

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    The Best dog foods for the pitbull that have plenty of protein are Orijen and Taste Of The Wild Dog Food, These dog foods are the best to build the pitbull dog muscles. You also need to feed the dog raw bones regularly.

    1-Orijen Dog food

    2- The Wild Dog Food

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    I fed my late pitbull mix and my Boxer Taste of the Wild. (Salmon, Duck, Bison are his favorites.) LID (Limited Ingredient Diet) are the best. The cost more but I would rather have my dog eat real food than the crap that comes from Purina, Iams, or Science Diet. Good luck with you lil guy, and bully breeds are the best breeds!

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