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Why do TX ST Troopers enforce the speed limits on tractor-trailer rigs, and not on 4 wheelers?

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    I always thought it was the other way here

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    Stopping us that drive them entitles the police the right to give full inspections and anything else they want to do. The fines on trucks are much higher than on 4 wheelers. Some areas in Michigan are now ticketing for 2 miles over the speed limit on trucks.

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    What is the average cost for a speeding ticket in a passenger vehicle as opposed to that of a semi? Why would a trooper waste his/her time with a pickup when he/she can levy more that just a speeding ticket by pulling a big rig over and doing a full DOT inspection? The answer to your question, my friend, is simple economics.

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    because a police officer can get more subsequent charges on a truck driver by doing a DOT inspection.

    permit, log violations, hazmat checks,license and equipment violations can either get more fines for the driver or place him out of service. Mostly to complicate our lives.

    Source(s): Truck driver - 8 years, Chicago area.
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