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What side do i put facing the outside of the wheel when putting on?

Ok , i have lucky bearings , but when im putting them on , theres one side that has no writing , and is green and a little more indented , and the other side has the writing ( abec 5) . so yeah which side shoud face out .

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    I know the previous answers are not what you are looking for. I do not think there is any real difference in the direction but I would put the (abec5) on the outside. Most companies build there products for adds.So you see it on the outside.It makes sense does it not? Happy wheeling.Those are good bearings by the way.

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    The taper of a wheel bearing goes to the inside of the hub.

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    back inter side> front side outer< tighten and back off to fit pin your fine and like he said and dont forget to pack them full of grease while you have them out and in hand

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