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difference between sociology, psychology and anthropology?????

Hi. i really want to become a social scientist (or at least study stuff that is described in The Tipping point, by Malcolm Gladwell) but i first need to know the difference between sociology, psychology and anthropology, and which one is similar to the science as described in the book. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!! and serious answers only, please. =]

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    Sociology -- studies all of a given society, its history, what people in it do, etc.

    Psychology -- studies the individual person, what makes their brains do what they do. (Sometimes Social Psychology studies how groups of people interact, too, but mostly psychology is more individual than the other two.)

    Much of psychology is based, in part, on neuroscience, whereas Sociology and Anthropology are more based on stories, history, archaeology, language, etc.

    Anthropology -- studies the people in a culture, their history, how they interact. Almost identical to sociology, but with a slightly different focus, and sometimes different language and methods associated with it.

    Take a class on any one of the three, and the teacher/professor will help you out, since all these fields overlap like crazy. Have fun!

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    Anthropology Psychology And Sociology

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    Sociology is the study of society and its impact. Psychology is the study of the mind and its processes. Anthropology is the study of humans and their biology and culture. A sociologist would look at society's impact on one another. Psychologists would look at why people in society act the way they do. An anthropologist would look at the culture of the past to see how humans evolved.

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