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Who Do you Think Should Be President of United State?

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    He's not the best choice, but of the 3 viable candidates, he's the only one who:

    1. won't bankrupt the country with a Socialist agenda

    2. won't tax us into oblivion

    3. has actual political and military experience

    4. doesn't have any significant skeletons in the closet

    Nobmama is, in addition to what I references above, a racist with very strong ideas around racial separatism, very questionable associations, and between he and his wife, have made some very un-patriotic statements.

    Hillary is a better choice than Nobama, but that's not saying much. She doesn't have much real experience, leans way too far towards Socialism (which Bill didn't really do), and strikes me as the kind of person who would say or do anything to get elected, but then Nobama strikes me that way too.


    To my misinformed friend "Kaitlyn Dz" who answered below. I wouldn't say McCain supports the war as much as he supports ending it sucessfully. Whether you like the war or not is immaterial at this point. We are there, we have made a mess of the country and we have an obligation to leave the country such that the new government won't collapse immediately after we leave. Given McCain is the only experienced candidate, he's the best choice to end it sucessfully. Even Nobama has stated it would take him 5 years to bring the troops home, and that's with virtually no political or military experience. If Obama were to get elected and not for a 2nd term, he won't even be in office to make good on his promise.

    In addition, McCain's health plan is actually, by far, the best of the three. That, of course is to say nothing about your comment that McCain "supports policies that have contributed to the world's largest deficit in history". Do you realize that McCain's annual budget proposal is just slightly higher than what Bush is currently spending, but Nobama's annual budget proposal is more than $220 BILLION MORE THAN WHAT BUSH SPENDS? Hillary's budget proposal is even higher. What does that tell us with regards to who will make our deficit worse?

    In all honesty, Ron Paul was the only candidate who proposed spending significantly less, but at least McCain won't force us into bankruptcy or tax us into oblivion.

    Given McCain is in favor of Gay Marriage (which Obama isn't) how do figure he "supports the zealous religious right"?

    I suspect you simply don't like Bush (great, I don't either) and just assume guilt by party association. In reality if you did your homework, on at least half the issues you sight, you would find McCain to be the best choice.


    DJ High Tek - since you said you wanted Jesse Jackson for President I'm not even going to thumbs down you, as you obviously are not living on the same planet as most of us.

    I will say how tired I am of people claiming that if you don't support Obama you must be racist, or at least against having a Black President.

    Obama himself is a racist, and a great many people, myself included, simply don't want to support a man who blantantly follows the teachings of Jeremiah Wright and whose church honors people like Louis Farrakhan. I wouldn't want a White President who supported Tom Metzger either.

    My dislike of him has nothing to do with his race, and everything to do with:

    1. his lack of experience

    2. his racist church and preacher

    3. the racist statements he made in his book

    4. his Socialist agenda which will either bankrupt us or tax us into oblivion.

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    I should be President of the United States

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    Though I know this Answer is going to get very low Ratings, Surprise!!! I don't Post for your "Thumbs Ups and Downs. I feel there are two Men in this Country that will be perfect as Pesident though I'm not big at all on Politics. But I know the Rev. Jessie Jackson and Bishop T.D. Jakes will be the best. Both Men are GOD fearing and very Honest. And Honesty is Key number one to all things. It's such a shame that we live in a World where Color matters. Look what it has done for us since this thing got on the way and when someone like JFK do step up and do the right thing from their Heart look what happens. People in this Country wants Politics that don't play by the Book but yet want to start talking Laws when it comes to the Latinos being in America. It's not a Law thing it's a Color Code if it wasn't they would want "ALL" Borders Sealed off. One should never be shy as to what they really means and stand for. If you don't want to vote for Obama because he has some Black in him you should say it. Author, Eddie Smith

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    Either the one who is able to show the education of what anyone don't without having a life of there own. Or the one who can direct you to the one who asks and fills out the forms that you can agree on opun the shipping and handleing of the U.S. mail not MALE.....

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    I think we should bring Reagan or Teddy Roosevelt back to life and put them in charge.

    But seriously, our choice is between Obama and McCain. Given that Obama has surrounded himself with people that hate america (and white people), the only viable option is McCain.

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    Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador :D

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    Let's see, since McCain:

    supports this bullsh*t war, supports tax cuts for the rich that have brought about one of the biggest recessions in history, supports policies that have contributed to the world's largest deficit in history, supports the zealous religious right, supports torture, check, opposes fiscal responsibility, opposes intelligent foreign policy, opposes Roe v. Wade and opposes health care...

    I'll be voting for Obama.

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    John, I have the experience, Mccain!

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    Unfortunately I have to agree with the first answerer.

    McCain. He's the only one who doesn't want America to live on Welfare, and he supports the war, unlike the other two who would tuck tail and run.

    For my America. I'll not see her fall to the hands of those not worthy to lead her.

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