Are permissive values destroying the fabric of American society?

All the evidence shows:

-That kids raised by 2 parents have lower rates of delinquency.

-That individuals who are promiscuous before marriage are less able to maintain a long-term monogamous relationship.

-That the family unit is the foundation of a healthy society.

-That kids who have clear boundaries grow up happier and more successful.

So why do SOCIAL liberals (including hypcrites like McCain and Ted Haggard) hate the traditional American family unit?


Liberals, how about a deal?

YOU want the premissive society, YOU pay for the consequences.

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    And you plan to do what exactly in order to restore the fabric of American society?

    Also, don't you dare try to pawn off McCain and Haggard as liberals. We don't want them and the feeling is mutual.

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    Traditional families, where the parents exercise control in order to maintain core morals and values is a direct threat to those seeking to effect sociological change.

    Many insititutions, in particular the Department of Education thrive on being able to instill social change. The greatest inhibitor of the public education system is the parent who will tell them, not with my kid you won't!

    Let's be open and honest here. Our public education system believes it has the responsibility to form the thoughts and actions of our youth. They have forgotten their own base responsibility, teaching the 3 R's, and instead arrogantly assumed the role of the great nanny.

    The N.E.A's own words. " Schools will become clinics whose purpose is to provide individualized, psycho-social treatment for the student, and teachers must become psycho-social therapists"

    Even more revealing, former N.E.A president Katherine Barrett publically stated " The teacher will be the conveyor of values, a philosopher. Teachers no longer will be victims of change, we will be the agents of change".

    The 2 (head), unions our teachers predominantly belong to on a national basis are the very fabric eroding the authority of the family.

    It's about being able to condition a child into believing that anything and everything is acceptable and good provided he/she is told so. Do not question, debate or ask for a decision to be validated with reason from public educators. Just go with the program they feed you. This makes forcing change through political activism easy. After all, If you have a bunch of lemmings, you can get away with just about anything.

    McCain is protecting his daughter while sacrificing his values. Politically, due social climate it would be suicidal for him to stand up and state he can not condone his daughters behavior. In todays society It's unacceptable. Liberal society has politicized "tolerance". Using it as a catch all to validate the wrong. Our current 18 to 45 year olds, a large portion of the voter base were brought up in an education system where they were indoctrinated by teachers to believe "tolerance" for the greater good of all society must be enforced. So long as society wants it, or a portion thereof, it can't be called wrong and you can't offend someone by stating it is.

    What's really sad is the vast majority of teachers have no idea they're propogating Marxism. They themselves were raised in the system and believe in it. Perhaps they should compare and contrast the philosophy they believe in to the tenants of Marxism. More freightening, how many would still go along with the program..silently admitting they support it? Because they sure wouldn't have the gut's to stand up and admit it, or the courage to stop it.

    Karl Marx would be proud of our teachers.

    For you public educators: Ask a group of adult immigrants, or asylees from the USSR what philosopy you demonstrate in your conduct.

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    I don't think McCain hates the traditional family unit. I don't think ANYONE does. So why say that?

    There's also tons of evidence of abuse, physical, sexual, and mental among so called "traditional families". You conveniently neglected that and left it out of your question.

    So first you have to define "permissive values". That's different for many different people.

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    1 decade ago

    Unfortunately yes.

    America is following the path laid out by the Roman Empire. Overextend your military resources, moral decay from within, and allow illegal immigrants to destroy your identity.

    The path is clear. Unfortunately.

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    Where do you get the ideal that Liberals want a permissive society? I'm a liberal, a teacher and far from permissive. Quit generalizing. Some of the most politically conservative parents I deal with are very permissive with their children.

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    The liberals are to blind to see that they are doing it. Let's take God out of schools, let's make abortion ok, don't let parents spank there kids etc... Now look what we have

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    studies have shown forever than young people need structure and discipline in their lives...they are obviously not getting much of either. You are right with everything you say but I do not believe you can say this with verity re: Mr. mcCain!

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