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Runescape King Black Dragon question?

In runescape,does the K.B.D. attack only one person a time or when he breaths fire does it hit everyone in front of him?

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    The King Black Dragon only uses melee attacks when fighting, but he has very high defence, and also uses 4 different types of dragon breath attack that have fairly devastating effects, which makes him a well-rounded and difficult foe. His 4 dragonbreath attacks consist of the following:

    1. Regular dragonfire

    2. Shock-like breath that can reduce your stats

    3. Ice breath that can stop players from moving or attacking

    4. Poison breath that will deal 8 poison damage

    All of these breath attacks are long ranged, including the regular dragonfire. They can also cause severe damage to those without the proper protection. Killing him becomes easier if the group forms a circle around him.

    He pauses between attacks to choose a target and he does not attack everyone at the same time.

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    One person at a time.

    Source(s): I almost got barbecued meself! XD
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    1 person

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    no it only attacks one person at a time and btw you better be taking your anti dragon shield otherwise you can get killed in one hit

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