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i have a legal question?on grandparents rights in state of iowa?trying to keep grandkis away from u?

we are wonderful grandparents,we love are grandboys and have never done anything but love them.daughter's boyfriend hates us/bad attitude trowards us and is trying to keep our grandboys away from us.its heartbreaking as we have never done anything to him.what can we do?


we have tried working it out with the parents!or should we say the mother,the child in question is not the boyfriends biological we feel he should not have say over said child,it should be just the biological mother decsion on if we can see him or not.what do u think?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You may have a better chance than most people think. First-the boyfriend has no legal recognition so his opinion won't be considered by the courts. Your only problem is your daughter. Second-and more important-Iowa passed a grandparents' rights law about March of 2007. The Courts will find it significant that your legislature addressed this issue very recently. Going to court should be a last resort, but talking to an attorney who specializes in family law/domestic relations or perhaps adoptions is a critical first step. If Iowa is like my state, your state bar office in Des Moines may have a lawyer referral program. That number is 515-243-3179. If you have to go to court, there is a wealth of legally recognized clinical studies that show the importance of contact between children and their extended families. It's a topic that gets a lot of sympathy in the courts of my state. Your law is so new that I doubt if you have any reported court decisions. Keep in mind, your task will prove that it is best for the children, not you.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    That last answer is untrue. It all depends on the Judge you get in the case if it actually does go to court. I am not sure the situation, but usually someone is not a jerk like that for no reason. I am not saying his actions and animosity are justified, but something had to have happened for him to act that way. Try and figure that out and rectify it if you can. Also try talking sense into your daughter, as I am sure you have already done this, you may want to consider coming at it from a different angle. Try being her friend instead of her parent. Don't be to persistent and pushy in her life as this may make matters worse. The key is to let them know that you are there for them unconditionally. And unconditionally means just that, unconditionally. I know all this is easier said than done, but for love, there should be no limits or boundaries, Especially in this situation

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