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Hi I am a shipping coordinator for a fragrance company. I use Microsoft office for all my paper work. I use Word for MSDS sheets, Excel for packing slips and certificates. I was wondering if anybody knew of a program that can do it all for me and I would like to know if it's possible to assign a printer to word exclusively and the same for excel so I can print two things at the same time. Also I do alot of international shipping (China, Taiwan, South America etc) so I have to fill out various different kinds of paper work and the right software would make life a little easier. Any help would be appreciated.

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    What you need calls for custom software. See if your company is interested in paying someone to write a package for you. The benefits are greater accuracy (if something can be only A or B, you'll get to pick A or B, not type it in by hand and slip and type C), the printer can be set for each function, again meaning accuracy (you won't print form A on form B because you forgot to switch paper in the printer), you'll get more done because you don't have to carry data from one program to another (you input it once and it's carried by the program to where it's needed), you can have automatic inventory restocking alerts, and on and on. Whatever will make the operation more efficient can be put into the program (reading bar coded labels with a bar code reader, maybe?)

    It's not a trivial project (I worked on something like that for the optical industry that started in 1991, and they're still making changes and additions 17 years later), but it can be done, and it's not outrageously expensive. (It'll pay for itself in wasted paper, wasted time, errors that have to be corrected later, incorrect shipmemts, etc.)

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