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Amazing how you can be so hungry yet turned off by the smell of food.?help please anyone been there before?? b

I love be pregnant and the thought of me having another bundle of blessing in my life but boy its a lot of HARD WORK DOMESTIC HAZARDS lol.

My sensitivity to smell is just outrageous am sure i can pass better than the k9 dogs trained at the airport sniff for scent

I smell everything and cant stand the smell of everything

I have so many war areas in the house MY BEDROOM THE BATHROOM AND THE KITCHEN as soon i enter these places i start throwing up and these places pretty much make the house right?

Its becoming so hard as am a mum of 2 (14yrs and 4yrs) and a wife. How do i get my 4yr old to understand mummy cant give her a bubble bath cos she cant stand the scent of her baby wash and hair cream etc. Or mummy cant give her a particular dinner, without her asking one why after the other?

please is there anything that can reduce EXCESSIVE SALIVATION during pregnancy (Am sry i know its gross)

but asking is better than takin a spit container every where


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    Ooohhh don't you hate that? I remember hating that because then all I would puke up was saliva! I had to be on Diclecton (perscribed by the Dr. - the only safe one to take being pregnant) for nasua. I also wore SeaBands (look like sports bands and have a plastic bead that rests on an accupuncture point to reduce nasua, sea & car sickness...), I've sniffed lemons (that's suppose to help), I've heard that taking ginger pills helps... I pretty much had to carry a bucket everywhere, get help meals and the kids, and lay on the couch without moving. Just remembering that is making me nausious!

    That's all I've got - good luck!

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